Any weightlifters/powerlifters/crossfitters here?


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I’m nothing like a powerlifter… but I do lift weights :slight_smile: I don’t suppose I’m really the kind of person you mean though.


Yeah…I like to play with the weights a bit.


I used to run 25 miles per week and lift weights three times a week… Then my IT Band started hurting and my rotator cuff really started hurting :tired_face:

As an ectomorph I need to eat a lot to build muscle. My job interfered with my eating regimen so I went from 170 lbs down to 160. :slightly_frowning_face:


What is the correct way to train shoulders without rotator cuff injury?



I’m carrying around my big belly :angry:. If it gets any heavier, will that make me a powerlifter? :thinking:

I walk, between 5,000 and 10,000 steps every day, and I’ve started riding my bicycle again, 2 or 3 days a week for a half hour or so. I use resistance bands for upper body toning, due an old back injury that gets aggravated whenever I lift real weights.

My problem is, I have the appetite of a ironman competitor, without enough physical activity :unamused:


Proceed cautiously with shoulder exercises. Proper form is imperative! Don’t increase weight dramatically.

Believe me, I did everything wrong and couldn’t raise my right arm for weeks. The pain was terrible :neutral_face:


I’ve literally just started lifting again last week after two months of being sidelined from a rotator cuff injury myself.

The truth is that if you’re careful and do your research you won’t get injured. Actually being careful and responsible and not an idiot is a lot easier said than done, however. ^^


If I feel that twinge of pain in my shoulder, I back off and don’t push it. I lift a little lighter for my shoulders.


When I popped my shoulder I still had three more reps of the set, and one more set to go. For some moronic reason I decided to just finish anyway, and because of the adrenaline I was able to do that despite the pain.

It pains me to think how much faster I could have recovered if I hadn’t let my pride cloud my judgement. It’s a miracle I didn’t need surgery after such a stupid move.


So are there any videos of lateral raises with thumbs up. Seems like everyone is performing with palms down, against your first link advice



Some people say thumbs up will cause biceps tendinitis.
I really don’t know who to believe.


Just watch your form, number of repetitions, and weight. Some exercises are less forgiving when done wrong or excessively.


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