Any Weird Al fans?

I think he’s the funniest musician around. Anyone else like him?

I like weird Al, but I also love the catholic weird al, Nick Alexander.

Check him out:

Here’s another good one.

James Louviere (an authentic Louisiana Cajun!) has an album of song parodies, “Not Just Another Pretty Face”.

Titles are (original songs in parens if not obvious):

  1. Working My Way Back to You Lord
  2. Simon the Rock (I Am a Rock)
  3. Heart of the Master (Heart of the Matter)
  4. Patti’s Song (El Paso, my favorite of the album, best ending line, where his Cajun roots show best)
  5. That’s Life
  6. Maria (Mariah)
  7. Starry Starry Night (Vincent)
  8. I Change the Water Into Wine (Carolina in the Pines)
  9. Like a Lamb Being Led to Slaughter (Bridge Over Troubled Water)
  10. Abortion Man (Southern Man)
  11. Cry Out Loud (Don’t Cry Out Loud)
  12. Pontius Pilate’s Wife’s Dream (Sound of Silence)
  13. Baby and Bobby and Me (Bobby McGee)
  14. Love Child

I didn’t find any sound clips online, but if you like Nick Alexander’s work, you’ll like Louviere’s.

Omigosh - my two heroes! Nick “There’s a Little Black Spot on Your Head Today” Alexander, and Weird Al “Like a Surgeon” Yankovic. These guys are geniuses!
Wonder what they wanted to be when they were kids…:smiley:

I love Weird Al; “Eat It”, “Amish Paradise”, “White & Nerdy” – all classics. I just introduced my son th Star Wars fan to Weird Al. Check out The Saga Begins.

I’ve been a Weird Al fan since Belvedere Cruisin’.

trapped in the drive thru is genius.
he’s a funny funny guy.

Heres the link:


He cracks me up! I really like his stuff. :smiley:

I keep remembering that he was “Stuck in a closet with Vanna White.” That was Weird Al, wasn’t it?

I have his DVD :smiley:

It’s such a coincidence this thread shows up today.

Weird Al just had a free concert last night in Detroit for our TasteFest. My sons are huge fans thanks to “The Saga Begins” and “White & Nerdy”.

Unfortunately for them, they’re in Jacksonville with their grandma, so they missed the show. Only their mom and I got to go.

It was an awesome show. He covered everything from “Eat It” and “I’m Fat” to “White & Nerdy” to “Albuquerque”.

the song headline news is awesome.
trapped in the drive thru- the best part is at the end. it cracks me up everytime.

My son is a HUGE Weird Al fan! I think it started with that song about Yoda.

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