Anybody catch Celtic Spring on EWTN?

I thought this was a great celebration both of St.Patrick’s Day and Irish culture and preparing for Laetere Sunday.

I vaguely remember hearing something about this family last year being on America’s Got Talent, but I never watched the show (I’ll look up the video on You Tube). When they appeared on Life on the Rock this past Thursday, I was on the edge of my seat the whole show and finally at the end they played AND danced at the same time.

I LOVE THIS FAMILY!!! What a great message of Christ’s infectious joy. My 2yo son and I had fun dancing along (more like a workout for me!). I have to put on a little bit of an evil grin b/c DH really thinks these types of families are weird and he would NOT like it if DS took up dancing. But it’s so darn cute! I’m a bad mommy for encouraging DS in ‘sissy’ stuff:P

I used to play violin, cello and piano and I CANNOT wait to get DS started on this. I’d like to take it back up myself. I just think that learning discipline with music or any kind of art like this is so great for kids to help them with discipline in their studies.

I am SO buying their CD!

I saw them! They were great!

I thought it was funny the way they featured Fr. Mark trying to dance at the start of the programme!

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