Anybody catch CSI last night?

It was about a girl who was thought to be possessed and a minister performing an exorcism (not by the Roman rite:) ). The minister had been jailed beause of pedophilia (sp?) and was now an exorcist. The girls mom thought she was possessed so she took her to see him and the exorcism didn’t work and the girl killed her mom, dad, & sister after. They incorporated dying bees in it and Grissom made some peculiar (well, for Grissom they were) statements that you wouldn’t expect him to make like when he told Sara that the world would end someday, and he kept asking if the exorcism worked. I thought it was interesting because his character (last time I checked) didn’t believe in God. Did anyone else catch it? What did you think?

I thought it was an interesting episode, though somewhat confusing. I wasn’t quite sure what to make of Grissom’s statements.

I’m also unsure about this new character, though I wasn’t that fond of Sophia either and won’t be sad if she is gone.

I was about to post a question when I saw your post.
Do you think the writers of CSI are anti Catholic? Both Gill and Catherine are fallen away catholics, they have had a Priest have an affair and I seem to remember a Nun with a major problem as well. As an aside one of the major characters on Homicide was also a fallen away Catholic…there seems to a pattern on TV.
As far as what Gil said the other night I am not sure what he meant.

I don’t know about them being anti-Catholic. Never heard anything about it but aren’t the writers of CSI:Miami the same? Just to throw this in there they’ve had an episode where a priest was shot for trying to help a little boy and his mother who was being abused by his father and it portrayed the priest in a good way. And Eric on that show is a Catholic. I guess what I mean is I haven’t seen anything blatantly anti-Catholic…yet…

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