Anybody else a fan of Christian rap?

Is anybody else a fan of Christian rap?

Here are a few of my favorites:

Da T.R.U.T.H. presents 'Resurrection:'


Jesus is Alive by Shai Linne:



Catholic Rapper, his name is Akalyte:

"Gates of Hell" by Akalyte:




You dont have The Apologist on your list, another Catholic rapper and a friend of Akalyte.

Here are two on YT:

"St Micheal"
"53 Beads on a String"

You can also get the majority of his songs on his website for free:

(click music on the right then one of his albums and you can download them, the only one that isnt free is his most recent to help raise money for his education)

Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam under his "A sign of the times" is my favorite.

Akalyte is really good to

A friend of mine from college just put out an album. He's call the album "The Universal Soldier". I don't usually listen to rap...but, this is really good.

Another good one is Righteous B.


Paradox, Manchild, and then Manchild has a worked with some ppl and one group is the Move Merchants and then there is a interdenominational group called DeepSpace5, Sammy Blaze is really good too.

You should check out they have a couple CD's with lots of artists even a Priest who's pretty good.



Righteous B:


IIX (two ten):


God Bless!

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Is anybody else a fan of Christian rap?

Here are a few of my favorites:

Da T.R.U.T.H. presents 'Resurrection:'


Jesus is Alive by Shai Linne:


I don't like rap and, to be honest, I would not allow any other rap in our home, but we love Shai Linne. I've actually had a correspondance going on with him for about a year and we've extended an invitation to him to come up to go to a ball game with us (he's a huge Phillies' fan and we just happen to be season ticket holders).

An interesting thing about Shai Linne is that he considers his music to be an outreach ministry of his church and has submitted himself and his music to his elders for that purpose.

He took about a year off just to study the Bible with them, but told me in an email that he's currently working on a concept album to use rap music to explain the attributes of God (many of his albums are "concept" albums, examining a single theme).

We're currently using several of his songs, such as "Triune Praise", "Atonement Q'n'A", "Gospel Music", "In Adam All Die", "Expository Preaching" and others to catechise our children. I've found that the theology in those songs is deeper than much that is coming out of most pulpits today.


Thank you!

I’m loving II X’s music! Hardcore Christian rap, to go along with the hardcore rap I grew listening to!

Great to hear! I’ve always liked Rap music but stopped listening to in because of the lyrics. I’m glad there are artist like IIX and the others who can use this music to proclaim the goodness of God. A nice alternative to the secular rappers.


Definitely a nice alternative. I stopped listening to some rappers, but I still got a lot of music I’m sure you’re not into. Maybe some day I slowly progress more & more into stuff like this.

I came across this cool new Christian rapper called Stephen the Levite:

I normally don't like rap at all, for several reasons but usually because the lyrical content is unimaginative, unispired fecal matter talking about female dogs and garden tools. I might have to check some of these out though, thanks for posting it :thumbsup:

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