Anybody else going to see Valkyrie on Christmas day?

It’s a fascinating subject to me, and the pre-screening got enormously good reviews, I hear.

I cannot wait to see this movie. My father was a huge history buff and had a ton of German memorabilia. I am fascinated with the history as well.

I have to check my area though, some places are not showing it until the day after Christmas,.


I would love to go see it but I will not because of Tom Cruise and Scientology. Just can’t bring myself to give him any of my money.
Havn’t seen any of his movies for a long time.


I’m waiting till it comes out on DVD and I get a free rental coupon at Blockbuster video. No way that I’m going to pay into Tom Cruise’s Scientology addiction.

Well, I still want to go see it on the Big Screen. I love going on holiday when most are at home sleeping off turkey and pie! LOL

But you guys do have a point about Scientology, Good thing Cruise does not control everything! Check out this Charlie Brown Christmas bit, (Scientology style, if the Peanut Gang converted) it is so funny and scary!

Not on Christmas Day!

There’s something about people dangling and strangling on piano wire that really doesn’t add to my enjoyment of the Blessed Holiday. (Even if the movie doesn’t include this part of the Claus von Stauffenberg story, it will be in the back of my mind–shudder. God have mercy on the souls of those brave people).

I’ll probably go see it eventually, and I hope with all my heart that it is true to history and doesn’t try to put a strange twisting Hollywood “spin” on the assassination plot; e.g., make it look like Stauffenberg was a villain.

I wonder if they will include the fact that Stauffenberg was Catholic – and if they do I wonder if they will portray that favorably? Oh, wait, forget it, Jake…it’s Hollywood.

Does the Church allow assassinations of dangerous leaders? I’m guessing no. If that’s the case, then it might be a favor to us if they don’t mention he was Catholic.

I get that Christmas is a big movie day [for us, it’s about food and family, at most I take the little kids out skating].

But this seems like an odd choice for Christmas release…

If I remember correctly from government science in Catholic high school, the Church allows tyrannicide (the killing of a tyrant) if there is a very likely chance that things will improve if the tyrant is taken out, and if minimum necessary force is used, ie. infiltrating the ranks and killing the tyrant when he’s alone, as opposed to blowing up the building he’s in.

No way!

If Hitler had died in the explosion, countless innocent lives would have been saved. Those murdered by that regime would have been parents of generations that will never be born.

I am a major history buff, especially World War II, but thinking about the murders yet to come after Hitler survived would depress me.

As a manager of a movie theatre, I suggest nobody come to the movie on Christmas Day…

I may go see this (though not on Christmas Day) but I’m still incredibly angry that Klaus von Stauffenberg is being portrayed by gag Tom Cruise.

I may go to see it just to see how much they get right.:stuck_out_tongue: Kind of a hobby of mine with films based on historical events.

Here’s a toughie:

Von Stauffenberg hoped to be a big wheel in the new, post-Hitler Germany. He was willing to kill for peace and justice, but he wasn’t willing to die for it.

If he’d remained in the room, he could have literally stuck the brief case under the Fuehrer’s nose at the critical moment.

Would this have been a morally acceptible choice?

I am thinking, yes, but you bring up an interesting point. I know that killing is permitted in the commission of a just war. So if a plane dropping a bomb on a bunker is allowed, why not a satchel charge? Maybe we ought to bring this up in the Moral Theology forum for additional input.

As to the movie, I will not go see despite the opportunity of seeing Tom Cruise’s character killed. I know the story and I do not go in for tragedy.

Well, what I do find amazing about Scientology is that so many that are in it know almost nothing about Ron Hubbard’s involvement in Enochian magick and how he was involved in the the Great Babylon Working along with Marjorie Cameron and Jack Parsons. It took them 12 days to complete I believe. Sex magick. animal sacrifice, etc…nasty stuff.

The man did a lot more than write sci-fi stories!

I wonder about Tom Cruise and I am turned off by his personality, But also have to admit he is a talented actor and director.

Yes, I am absolutely going to see Valkyrie. It will be interesting to see how well Stauffenberg’s Catholicism is reflected in the movie. Stauffenberg was a senior officer in the German Army (Wehrmacht) and was a devout Catholic. Many senior German officers in both WWI and WWII were good Catholics, fighting for their homeland.

I think posters who do not see it out of spite for Tom Cruise are being, with respect, very silly. This is a great story.

Stauffenberg is one of the great lay Catholics of the 20th century. As a man, I have trouble relating to some Catholic pious figures, finding them feminine and not very male.

I can really admire Stauffenberg: brave, honorable, decent and someone who was not afraid to take the necessary measures for good to defeat evil. He should be beatified.

Stauffenberg is one of the great lay Catholics of the 20th century. As a man, I have trouble relating to some Catholic pious figures, finding them feminine and not very male.

Not to derail this, but as a woman I agree with you. Maybe that’s why I like Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati so much. A masculine and fun-loving guy who was also very holy.

As for the movie - no. I don’t like prison movies or war movies, so this isn’t one I’ll be going to.

It already looks bad via previews. I have a problem with movies made about Nazis, by British actors, sporting long, greasy, ‘typically British Army’ haircuts. As a history buff, I just can’t get past those glaring inaccuracies. I keep seeing Brits feebly pretending to be Nazi murderers. It doesn’t work for me. :shrug:

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