Anybody else going to see Valkyrie on Christmas day?

Is Tom Cruise or any of the actors going to speak German? Will they use fake German “Hogan Heroes” type accents? Or will they speak in their regular American Accents and in English? I find that very fake and lazy film making if that’s what they present…

I would like to see this but I cant imagine going to the movies on Christmas day. What about Christmas makes you want to go to the movies?

I cannot imagine going to the movies on Christmas Day. And I WILL not pay to see a movie with Tom Cruise.

So I guess that would be a no.

For me, tradition. We’ve always went to the movies as a family during the early afternoon, and mainly spending time together.

Ironically Yours. :heart:

Probably during the break, we will see this, but not on Christmas day. Looks to be a good movie, doesn’t it?

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