Anybody ever heard of Evangelical Outreach?

I received a booklet in the mail (someone must have put me on their mailing list) called “Fighting the Good Fight.” It is absolutely hysterical. I don’t think I have ever seen a group go after all other Christians they way that they do. It seems that not only Catholics, but Calvinists, KJV onlyists, Church of Christ, pre-tribulationists, prosperity doctrine types, Charismatics, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Mormons, Messainic Jews, mainline and all present-day evangelical Protestants, “once saved always saved” types, etc. are all literally going to hell in a handbasket according to these folks.

I particularly liked the cheesy cartoon comic entitled “Catholic Truths.” The artwork was anime a la Sailor-Moon/Pokemon. Much more cool than the Jack Chick stuff I had seen so much of. Typical stereotypes of Catholics from a fundamentalist perspective: “You must repent and stop trusting in and praying to Mary as well as kissing the crucifix on Good Friday. Ask God to forgive you because the priest cannot.” “The Bible contains God’s eternal truths about salvation for mankind. We must avoid so-called traditions that contradict the Bible. Peter was married, and James was the leader of the first church council. There was no pope in the early church.” Finally, the devout Catholic breaks down and says “When you left the Church, Mother cried and said you were in a cult, but that is not true. I believe you. We trust you alone for our soul’s salvation.”

The best “Letters” they had received were from the “High Priestess of The Hourglass, The High Lady of Hell, The Diabolus Domina, Dreams made flesh, I am Witch,” (wouldn’t want to meet her in a dark alley…or would I? :hmmm: )and one that read “I have no need of your heresy, apostasy, and man-made false religion. There is no salvation outside the Catholic Church so I call on you to repent of your errors and believe the true Gospel before it is too late. May God have mercy on you!”

Very entertaining. Thank you Luther and Sola Scriptura!:whacky:

Their type is abundant on the internet. It is, though, good to be aware of them and their positions so that we can be prepared to give good answers when debating them…although it’s typical that they are not up for a good debate: They are only interested in having a soapbox from which to throw their barbs.

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