Anybody get a kindle from Santa? help!

can somebody help a non-techie grandma with her new kindle
I finally figured out how to log on to wi-fi and downloaded 3 or 4 books (including the Ignatius study bible NT) but how do I read them? they appear in the menu, so the downloads should be complete, but I highlight the title, click the middle of the mini-mouse and get nothing but a blank screen. it is fully charged at least the light went from orange to green
also when I first started working with it when it went to “sleep” there was a screen saver, now it is just blank

Hum. I have a nook (from B&N) not a Kindle, but you might have to press a button somewhere to “wake” it up? I hope that helps…
If not…do they have some kind of tutorial to walk you through the basics of how to use your kindle? If not, You Tube is helpful, usually someone will post a “how to” to use certain functions of electronic devises…

Are you “highlighting” with that “little hand” or the dark line? You need to use that 5-way control to move that black line under the title you want to read, then press the middle of that 5-way control, then the book should open up. If you’re getting a blank screen instead of the screen saver, somewhere along the line you turned the unit fully “off,” probably by holding the power switch over to the right for 7 seconds or longer. thus totally powering it down. You would need to wake it up again by moving that slider control to the right for a couple of seconds. Hope this helps. Apologies if you’ve already tried all of these things. I believe Amazon has a Help Line if all else fails. Good luck! Got mine a couple of months ago, and really love it.

thanks I found the website and support, it advised me to “hard restart” which worked

I am just about done with my first book and I love it
found out how to make the letters bigger

I also found out it is easier to order from the kindle store on line on my computer than directly from the kindle because I can search and preview easier

I am usually death on gadgets but this one so far gets my approval

my only downer is that I feel books purchased this way will have the same general problems you always have buying on Amazon, what you see is not always what you get

We got one too (my sister and I bought one for the family. Funny thing is, my mom almost bought us one, too!). I know there’s a switch on the bottom that puts it to sleep and wakes it up.

My dad and sister have been playing word scramble on it mostly. There’s a Sudoku, too, but it’s one row too big for the kindle.

That’s what my sister does, too. Searching on Google is a bit clunky on the Kindle. I’ll keep the study Bible in mind next time I use the Kindle. :slight_smile:

I love my kindle, but I find myself mostly buying and reading novels for it. (I read a LOT). Non-fiction, I prefer to buy in hard copy since it’s easier to page through it.

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