Anybody going to watch The Passion of the Christ this week?

I realize there have probably been a ton of threads on this in the past. But wondering if anyone is planning on watching this film during Holy Week?

I usually watch it on Good Friday.

I’ve already watched it the first Friday in Lent. I like how the movie gives me a great visual for the Sorrowful Mysteries, that we say all during Lent. I plan on watching it again this Friday.

Yes, We’ll Be Watching It On Good Friday.

I hope to. I got busy with liturgies and time got away from me last year. [Need more Mary and less Martha. ;)]

I watched it last Friday. I don’t know why I picked that day in particular, I just knew that I wanted to make sure I saw it again before Lent was over, I make sure I see it every year at this time.

Honestly I kept putting it off, it is just so hard to take. :frowning: But He endured it for me/us, I know that trying to comprehend the enormouse price He paid is the least I can do. :blush:

I bought the film, I want to watch the film, I just can’t bring myself to do it yet. I saw a few selected scenes, and it was absolutely barbaric…and by all accounts accurate.

I really wish “Jesus of Nazareth” were being aired…same story, but without the nightmare creating images.

My parish priest(s) admitted that they hard a hard time watching the film a second time…I’m still looking for the strength to watch it a first time myself.

I just asked DH and he said he would like to. It’s become a tradition for us - the first Easter we spent together, we watched this movie together, and have done so every Easter since then. So I guess this one will be no exception. :slight_smile:

It is an extremely difficult movie for me to watch - but I make myself, and I’m always glad that I did.


Jesus of Nazareth will be airing on TBN this Tues-Fri

Although this is a goo dmovie by far…it does not do what the Passion does. I have a very hard time watching and just did so last week. Cried while I was ironing.

Will be watching it again this Wednesday as a prayer group.

Yep, on Good Friday.:slight_smile:

I will be doing so prior to the Stations of the Cross this Friday.

Yes, after the kiddies go to bed on Friday night (way too graphic for a 6 yr old or a 3 yr old to see!). My 17 yr old watched it with me earlier. Think I’ll wait another year or two to share with my 11 yr old.

Yep on Good Friday.
Last year i watched The Navity Story then watched The passion and then the “Story of a soul”. Helped me go through his birth to death and then how to live to be a saint. Not sure if i am going to watch any other movies with the Passion this year or not.

I know its hard for people to watch. i still get goose bumbs and cry but i need to be reminded of what the Passion really was. Not something that was pretty. I love the scene between Jesus and mary. I really get the feeling of mother and son love without words. And Jesus’s eyes…Well Jim C does an awesome job of putting such love behind them that even in his agony I know that Jesus loves me.

That’s an excellent idea. I have been meaning to watch it during Lent, but like so many others have said - it is so difficult to watch. Good for my soul, I think, though.

Also planning on doing the Stations of the Cross on Good Friday.

Yes, I do try to watch it in Lent, & haven’t yet this year. Terrible to watch, but it does help me to connect with Jesus & then helps me visualize & imagine the Passion later. For posters who really have trouble or have been afraid to watch, isn’t there a new edition/DVD that is SLIGHTLY less graphic? Does anyone know about this?

I might. I’m one of the few people who hasn’t seen the whole thing in one sitting yet. But I’ll probably do so.

Yes, I usually watch it on Good Friday also.

It is graphic but I think people have seen worse in movies today. I find that the film does help in meditating on the reality of the sorrowful mysteries of the rosary. In this case the violence serves the story; the Greatest Story of our salvation.

The young adults of our parish are getting together Friday night after Good Friday services are over and watching the Passion, then we’re going to say the Chaplet of Divine Mercy as a group.

And people worry about MY generation… :shrug:

I plan on watching it. I bought the DVD when it first came out…it is still in it’s orginal shrink wrap. I saw the movie at the theater and cried my eyes out…like most everyone there…it was painful! After the movie ended everyone started hugging each other. I have been afraid to watch it by myself. But I will pray for the strength and humility to watch it and endure the pain as a lenten sacrifice.
Thanks for starting this thread…

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