Anybody have a devotion to the Child Jesus


I have been feeling drawn to the Child Jesus but don’t know where to start of what to do. Can someone help maybe by describing your own personal devotion to him?


Why would you want that, my friend? He is no longer a child and never will be again!


I don’t feel much for the image of Jesus as a child, but you are definitely not the only one with devotion to Him as such. There is the Infant of Prague, of course. And St. Thérèse of Lisieux herself often thought of Him this way (indeed, her religious name was Sister Thérèse of the Child Jesus).

One of the sweetest parts of The Story of a Soul is when she describes herself as the baby Jesus’ little ball to play with. :smiley:

*“Sometime before this took place I had offered myself to the Child Jesus to be His little plaything. I told Him not to treat me like one of those precious toys which children only look at and dare not touch, but to treat me like a little ball of no value, that could be thrown on the ground, kicked about, pierced, left in a corner, or pressed to His Heart just as it might please Him. In a word I wished to amuse the Holy child and to let Him play with me as He fancied.” *

Sorry, I’m a Thérèse freak. :stuck_out_tongue: But I think her description of her devotion to Jesus as a child is very interesting.


The beginning and end of devotion to the Lord - whether to His Heart, His Wounds, His Blood, Holy Child or Adult, or anything of His Person - is always humility. So start with humiliy. Ask Jesus for this grace with childlike trust and abandonment to His Will.


My dear, I’m afraid you are engaging in fantasy and superstition. Jesus would much rather have you fellowship with him as he is right now: forever off the cross and at the right hand of the Father, intercedng for us! He longs for you to plumb the depths of that fellowship!


Yes. He desires that we be childlike in our faith and come to Him with all our needs and adoration!


Martin, proselytizing is against the Forum rules here. You will not keep your account if you insist on preaching an alternative Gospel to Catholics. Just a heads up, I’m sure you don’t want a moderator to delete your account.


Belief in the Trinity challenges us to move beyond a single form or concept of God. The many styles and temperaments of different Saints resonate with each of us differently, and provide “personalized” inspiration for us that is always the Grace of God.

In the Rosary, we meditate on all the stages in the life of Jesus. Each mystery holds a ever-freshening inspiration for us. In my own practice, I love the full dimension of Jesus contemplated this way. I also respect anyone who chooses to focus on one aspect.

I think it is an excellent path to have a special, personalized image of our Savior in your heart.


Thanks for all the relplies. I will do a little more research on the Child Jesus and see what I can find out;) .


Dove, help me out…what do you mean by proselytizing? I felt like I was being a great help??


I haven’t before, but I plan to do a Christmas Novena to the Divine Infant this year.

Catholic speaker Marino Restrepo has a Christmas Divine Infancy Novena on his website. The novena begins on Dec. 16th and ends on Dec. 24th. Here’s a link directly to that pdf:

Divine Infancy Christmas Novena


The devotion to Jesus’ Divine Childhood during Christmas is a tradition that goes back many years in our Catholic Church. It begins on December 16 and ends on December 24 at midnight with His birth during the Eucharist celebration of Christmas Eve.

This tradition has been lost in many countries and for this reason “The Pilgrims of Love”, through all the evangelization missions that Marino Restrepo has carried out in more than 21 countries, are promoting this tradition so that the Novena of Jesus’ Divine Childhood continues to be at the center of the activities at Christmas time in our Church, as a call for placing our hearts within the Sanctity of the Family from Nazareth, gathering all families around the stable, thus recovering all the graces and the innocence that have been lost in us due to the materialistic world we live in, indifferent to God.

The Devotion of the Divine Childhood has been spread out by the Church through different advocations, such as the Infant Jesus of Prague; the Divine Child of Cebu; Philippines; the Divine Child of Atocha, in Spain and Mexico; the Divine Pilgrim Child of Valladolid, Spain; the Divine Child from the Twentieth of July in Bogota, Colombia and others. All of these devotions are joined together in the Christmas novena where the Nativity is celebrated.

The Pilgrims of Love invites you to take part in this devotion and to intercede for the right to life, and to pray for all aborted, abused, and starving children,and those from rich families who are in danger of growing up in the darkness because of their parents’ sin.


Love it!!!:smiley: I can’t wait til December 16th:D


Dove, what was ‘alternative gospel’ about what I said?


I love the Infant Jesus of Prague. The prayers of children are always perfect and never refused.


I am new at this. How does the Infant Jesus pray?


‘Verily I say unto you, Whosoever shall not receive the kingdom of God as a little child, he shall not enter therein …’ Mark 10:15

That’s how - with a perfect purity, faith and trust that most of us adults lose a bit somewhere along the way. Even in our prayer - how many of us see prayer as either a business deal - ‘I give you this prayer, you give me what I want now’, or a plea to a harsh judge, or something equally wrongheaded and thus don’t pray in the childlike way HE wants us to.


But that is not at all what that verse is saying. Jesus is talking about Christians praying with childlike faith, that completely trusts his heavenly Father. I don’t see where scripture teaches thatrhe infant Jesus can pray at all, since He is now and forever the adult, glorified Jesus! And that is who we are to confidently pray to. .


There is el Santo Niño de Atocha, a devotion that comes from Spain and Mexico. Here is the novena in English:


Jesus exists outside of time as God - so it is dead wrong to think of Him existing in eternity in only one phase of His life.

As an example - He is forever the crucified as well as the glorified. He is the Lamb of Revelation forever ‘standing as if slain’. So it makes sense that He is forever the Infant Jesus too.


This devotion is also very popular in the Philippines - at least that’s what my mom told me :slight_smile:

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