Anybody have experience with Retrouvaille?


Hi :slight_smile:
My husband and I are signed up to attend a Retrouvaille weekend. If any of you have attended one could you let me know what your experience was like: Was it worth it? Helpful? Any advice?

Thank you!


my wife and I took another approach…however, I have heard nothing but good things about retrouvaille. Enjoy, keep an open mind and focus on what’s really important. People I know who have gone through the program are much stronger because of hte expierence.


Neither my wife nor I have been on a retrouvaile weekend, but we know couples who have gone (my SIL and her husband are two) and we have sent couples from our work with Marriage Encounter.

Was it worth it? Helpful? Yes and yes, but (and a big but), what you get out of the weekend and followups depends on what you are willing to put into it.

If you and your husband are willing to go into the weekend with the mindset of listening openly and making an honest attempt to reconcile and save your marriage, you have come to the best place. If either of you are there “because s/he made me go and I really don’t want to save this marriage”, then I don’t think you will get anything from it.

Best advice? Ask Jesus to sit with you both through all the sessions. I will pray for you and your relationship.

P.S. - The weekend did keep my SIL and BIL together. It was not perfect, but then few things in life are.


Thank you both for the insight and prayers. I am looking forward to the weekend more so than my husband but he is willing to do what he can to save the marriage and seems committed to make things better. I know I have areas to work on as well so I appreciate your prayers for both of us.:thumbsup:
God bless,


My dh and I went this past February and it was great. :thumbsup: We left there with tools to help us better communicate and improve our marriage. I highly recommend it and do follow up with your group. I know people that have gone and it has saved many marriages. God bless you and I will be praying for you both.


We went last June and it’s a wonderful program. I’d do it again in a heartbeat. There is a poster here on CAF who was divorced and went to it with her ex and got remarried! That’s how good of program it is!!!

You will love the it! Oh, and make sure you go to the follow up sessions, otherwise you won’t get everything out of it.


That would be me! :smiley: It works. I know it, and so do the many many couples I know who’ve been through it. If you both go in with an open mind, it can do wonders. If you both really just ‘be’ there, and participate, it can do amazing things for your relationship. I highly recommend it to everyone who is having problems in their marriage, whether they are just starting to have problems, or are already even divorced but don’t want to be. It just works!


Yup, that would be you! :stuck_out_tongue: I knew you’d chime in sooner or later. You are the best example there is for Retrouvaille that I know of here on CAF, and in real life you are one of the 4 couples I know worked very very hard to get to where they are! I just wish the program lasted longer and that DH would be willing to continue to go. As soon as he saw improvement, he didn’t want to do it again :frowning: but we did finish the program.



Thank you all! I am feeling very encouraged. I will think ‘open mind like a parachute’ and do my best to participate (kinda like what I do everyday running after 6 boys! ha ha):smiley:
God bless,


We did it and it saved our marriage.

We fell in love all over again.


I’d recommend it. Did our weekend on our Anniversary and just recently refreshed up on the posts. We are employing the techniques to save our marriage. Not going to tell you it’s an overnight fix. But it wasn’t overnight that things got mucked up!


I totally believe it is touched by the Holy Spirit, because there is no other explanations as to how these marriages recover after so much pain. The process is hard but something so worth it.


Thanks! I agree. My husband and I attended this summer and it helped us tremendously. What a great program. I recommend it to any couple trying to build intimacy and those struggling with tough situations.


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