Anybody have rotator cuff surgery?

If so please give me the pros and cons and whether you think it was worth it.

I hurt my shoulder bench pressing. Please see your doctor and get physical therapy. Surgery is done as a last resort.

I don’t think I could even tolerate therapy. A couple of years ago I reached behind me over my head while lying down and something POPPED. My husband heard it. It hurt like crazy. Not long after that I raised my arm even with my chest to wave bye (NOT up in the air) and it popped again and the person heard it. I’m stubborn. I’ve used meds, and pain creams and have been doing so since. But it’s getting to the point where I can’t sleep on that side, even if I’m sitting still it hurts sometimes. I just HATE the thought of surgery.

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You’ll have to pursue intensive physical therapy. It’s gonna be painful but surgery will be worse. See your doctor and don’t put it off. My shoulder occasionally flares up but it’s not as bad as yours yet… :slightly_frowning_face:

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Hi Cajun,

Not giving you medical advice, just telling you what happened to me.

Had my rotator cuff completely tear 15 years ago. I couldn’t raise my right arm AT ALL. Had the surgery to repair it, and have to be brutally honest… shoulder surgeries HURT. I’ve also had two total hip replacements to both hips, and I would rather go through both of those again rather than have one shoulder surgery. My surgery was successful and for what I needed to have done, surgery was the only way to fix it and I am glad I did it.

It seems I can’t keep out of trouble and I’ve completely torn my rotator cuff again. Thought the Dr. would just repair it again, but no… now I need complete reverse shoulder replacement surgery May 7th. The shoulder replacement will actually heal in about 4+ months instead of the usual 6+ months a repair would.

With this new tear, I can raise my arm a little, but not much. This time I also had my shoulder semi- dislocating with me being able to push it back into place. I had five weeks of Occupational Therapy and she really helped calm everything down and all the pain went away. The therapy strengthened all the muscles around the joint and is now keeping everything in place. Of course, it couldn’t fix the tear, but she worked miracles on my shoulder.

As we all know, surgery should always be a last resort and depending on what you have going on, you may not need surgery. But don’t put off going to the Dr. since you may be doing further damage to your shoulder. It’s better to know exactly what you have going on and do the correct things to fix it.

Wishing you the very best and God Bless.

Thank y’all. I am kind of waiting to see about hubby getting tended to first because I KNOW I’ll need him during my recovery if I have surgery.

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Can’t say about rotator cuff surgery. My doctor suggested that was BIG surgery, compared to the distal clavicle resection / achromioplasty that I had done to relieve pinched nerves in my shoulder. I quickly tapered off pain meds. MRI said I had a partial rotator problem, but doc never even said anything about it (I saw the radiology report). Yikes, then the doc passed away suddenly – he was scheduled to do surgeries but he never made it (65). After my shoulder surgery, I’d guess there were at least a dozen types of pain I experienced in the shoulder.

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