Anybody have the time to help me refute this


Can anybody help me address these …

The Catholic Church was the first to complain about the birth of the American Nation. Since the time of George Washington, the Catholic Church has strived to wrest the American government from Washington by placing people in key positions. The secret societies of the Ivy League universities (Especially the Order of Skull and Bones at Yale) were created by the Vatican for that purpose. The Federal Reserve, a cartel of private bankers controlled by the international bankers controlled in turn by the Vatican Bank, wrested America’s finances from the Treasury during the Wilson Administration. Hence the huge debt America is saddled with.

Call me a bigot, or a conspiracy theorist if you want. All I’m doing is just answering your question. And to do that I have to tell you the whole brutal truth. And you need to keep an open mind here, because it’s not uncommon to confuse bigotry with candor.

To begin with, the Vatican City is a nation same as the United States of America. It has a flag, a government and a constitution.

As a Catholic, you are a citizen of two countries. You have two flags, two constitutions and two loyalties. And if you are a good and faithful Catholic, your first loyalty is to Pope Benedict XVI, not to President George W. Bush.

In other words if the Pope tells you to collaborate with Beijing and your President tells you that it’s treason to do so, you would ignore the President and collaborate with the Chinese government. If you were faced with such a choice, would you choose to be executed by lethal injection in a federal prison for treason or butchered by the Holy Inquisition at a top secret facility somewhere unknown for heresy?

And it has actually happened in history. Sir Thomas More, a member of the court of King Henry VIII, was faced with the same dilemma. Prior to the separation of the Church of England from Rome, he said he had no problem serving two masters (The King and the Pope). The Bible says you cannot serve two masters. The fact of the matter is that when the King entered into conflict with the Pope, Sir Thomas More was forced to choose between one loyalty or the other, either way would cost him his life. Sir Thomas chose the Pope and consequently was prosecuted for treason and beheaded. For laying down his life for the Pope, he was later canonized. And he is now St. Thomas More.

Had he chose to serve the King, he would have been made an earl, and subsequently made a duke and would then fall foul of the Inquisition and be burned at the stake for heresy.

History shows that the Catholic Church has tortured and murdered hundreds of thousands of people around the world for over 1500 years. The Catholic Church has also been responsible for the gruesome practice of digging up the remains of the deceased and putting them on trial and executing them.

The Catholic Church was also responsible for World War I and II and the Russian Revolution. The Concordat that was signed by Germany in 1933 made Roman Catholicism the only lawful religion in Nazi Germany, which is why six million Jews went to the gas chambers in addition to countless other Baptists, Lutherans, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Mormons and Pentecostal Christians in addition to Gypsies and other minority groups. By rights, Pope Pius XII, the Jesuit General and several others in the College of Cardinals should have been in Nuremburg facing the War Crimes tribunals. It is no accident that the oath taken by Hitler’s SS was virtually identical to the oath taken by the Jesuits. It is no accident that Hitler described Reichsfuhrer Himmler as his own Saint Ignatius De Loyola.

The same vile laws that existed then still exist today. And the Catholic Church only tolerates the American way of life because it is in no position to destroy it. The Catholic Church is still feared by kings, presidents and dictators to this day, especially in the South American countries where it still has a great deal of political clout. They still maintain lists of people in the parishes and those who miss Mass on Sunday are still questioned by the Parish Priest.


Oh, there’s more …

Since the early 1980’s there has been a huge influx of illegals from south of the Rio Grande. And doubtless to say, you’ve heard talk of an amnesty for illegals in the US. These illegals are in the US for a purpose. One that will have dire consequences to all who cherish the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Those Mexicans who work in sweatshops as cheap labor today will belong the heavily armed goon squads of tomorrow who will break down your front door, torture you and torture your children in front of you to extract confessions for things you know absolutely nothing about. And you demanded the names of the accusers you would simply be told that only the judges had the right to know their names. And after the goon squad had finished with you, you would then be handed over to the civil authorities to be sentenced to death. Believe it or not, the first that would plead for mercy on your behalf would be the Catholic Church. Moreover, the civil authorities would have no choice but to execute you despite the Church’s pleas for leniency lest the selfsame authorities fall foul of the Inquisitors - for heresy! As for your home, your car, your business, in fact everything you own; it would be confiscated.

To all who read this post, do not kid yourselves. The Vatican is a mighty institution which controls the world’s finances and runs the powers that be which run the US government. If you’re an elected official in Washington DC, regardless of whether you ran on the Republican or the Democratic ticket, don’t put your country above the powers that be. Do as you’re told, when you’re told or you will suffer the consequences. Just as John F. Kennedy did in 1963 and his brother Robert in 1968.

Furthermore, when the Second Vatican Ecumenical Council was inaugurated in 1963, a whole slew of books about the Inquisition and other works relevant to the Vatican’s murderous past not only went out of print, they were also pulled from the shelves of every library in the US. Two of these works include “Fifty Years in the Church of Rome” by Charles Chinquy. “The Vatican Billions” by Avro Manhattan, Some of these books came back into print through Chick Publications. Others can be read online.

[Take note: President John F. Kennedy and Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy were devout Catholics, same as their younger brother Senator Edward Moore Kennedy. But JFK and RFK put the first loyalty to their country and the American people before the Vatican and they paid for that with their lives because they had been declared heretics. Which is why Senator Edward Kennedy is an anti-gun liberal in the same class as Hilary Clinton and her ilk because he knows that if he followed in the same footsteps, he would pay the same price his brothers did in 1963 and 1968.]

The Catholic Church has a vested interest in destroying the American Way my friend. And one of the earliest victories in sabotaging your civil liberties was to put the book “The Christian Life and Character of the Civil Institutions of the United States” By Benjamin F. Morris—1864 out of print and pull it from the shelves of every library. This same book is one that the ACLU doesn’t want you to read. But, after 140 years of being out of print it is back, and can be purchased only from American Vision.


And finally …

If you look into the reason behind the invasion of Poland, you will see that there is no loss of credibility here. Poland, although a Catholic country was at the top of Nazi Germany’s hit list because of its tolerance toward Jews. The Catholic Church had for over 1500 years had a vested interest in destroying the Jewish nation because of its desire to move the Papacy to Jerusalem from Rome. The Catholic Church had punished Poland for its tolerance toward the Jewish Nation. Furthermore, the German occupation ended Poland’s tolerance toward the Jewish people in which they were blamed for the German occupation. Polish Jews were liberated from the concentration camps only to suffer from pogroms which did the Nazis proud.

As for the Inquisition and the Spanish Crown, the inquisition existed long before Spain made it famous. The Papal Inquisition was instituted by Pope Gregory IX in 1233. (Source The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition. 2001-05.).

The Inquisition was reintroduced in 1965 under a new name: “The Sacred Congregation for the Doctrine for the Faith”.

Inquisitions were carried out by the Holy Roman Empire under Charlemagne, who forced people within his domain to convert or die. Many Germans who still worshiped their pagan deities Wotan, Donner and Frikka; which were the Germanic counterparts to the Norse gods Odin, Thor and Freya; fell victim to this policy as did the Scandinavians.

The Inquisition was carried out even under the Ancient Romans in the post Constantine era. Also, there were a great many non-Spanish inquisitions. For example, the Counter-Reformation which was instituted under the Council of Trent (Named after the city of Trent in Switzerland). When Martin Luther was told to recant his works he said he would do so only if the Bible refuted them. One member of the nobility said to Luther that this action was an act of bravery which was greater than any act he had performed in entire military career.

Joan of Arc was prosecuted for witchcraft, sorcery and heresy by the French authorities at Rouen and burned at the stake several years before the Spanish Inquisition.

The Croatian Ustachi carried out a convert or die policy against Serbs during WWII primarily against Serbian Orthodoxy.

Inquisitors carried out prosecutions in Japan, but the Japanese nobility struck back at them and as a result, no foreign national was allowed into Japan nor any Japanese allowed to leave the country. This policy continued until Commodore Perry arrived in 1853 and tourism became popular following the rise of Emperor Meiji.

As early as 1212, Jews were legally obliged to wear special badges to identify them as Jews. This was the precedent that Nazi Germany had in 1938.

Even the Crusaders carried out brutal attacks against minority groups. Rape and murder was the norm in Israel during the Crusades, each one leaving a generation of half caste Jews who became loyal to Rome. Many of the international banking companies in Europe were found by their descendants. Baron Rothschild is one of them. Israel was not the only country affected by the Crusaders. The Arab nations of North Africa have bitter memories of their hideous assaults and consequently it is known as the Bloc of Inconvertibles.

Back to Poland. It’s tradition of religious tolerance went directly against the grain of Canon Law, which is why the country was at the top of Hitler’s list. France was second on the list because it ditched its Catholic monarchy in 1870.

Prior to 1870, Italy was a mosaic of kingdoms. In the Papal States, it was illegal even for the US Embassy to fly the American flag. And to have a copy of the US Constitution meant a spell in jail or a trip to the Inquisitors’ dungeons.

… Thanks in advance.


I could say that in area 51, aliens are trying to take over the world by using undetectable mind waves and that Bill Clinton is the head Repltilian Leader.

People will believe it…

But saying it doesn’t make it true…

All you have to do is ask for an unbiased source. If he can’t provide it, then he must recant. If he does provide look carefully at the source. I promise it wont say what he thinks.

Other than that… it’s a good laugh

In Christ


Behind every conspiracy theory, there’s a shade of truth.

Here’s the simple truth: America was founded on principals that go against Catholicism. One can not be a “good American” and a Catholic at the same time, that is true. But it is only true because to be a “good American”, as it is defined by our culture, is to be “tolerant” of other belief systems, and to maintain a level of secularism that is above your Faith. The only true Catholic form of government is a government that is instituted or approved of by The Church itself.

One can be a Catholic American, but not an American Catholic.

You can be a Catholic that happens to have been born an American, but you can’t be an American that happens to be a Catholic.

The Faith must take the primary position in your life.

As for all of the “conspiracy theory” junk, it’s just that: JUNK.

But as for The Faith being at odds with Americanism, yes, that indeed is true.


Why? Whomever made this up will simply make up more. It is loaded with falsehoods that obviously had not been researched. here are some examples:

Vatican City created 1929 Benito Mussolini, an man who went to war against the US. While the Federal Reserve Act was past in 1913 by a US Congress. So the Vatican City did not exist in time to create a Federal Reserve! Actually for the factual minded the “current” Federal reserve is a better term as their were other “National Banks” and National Banking systems before, our current one which may be overhauled someday is not principally different, to my knowledge.

Why should the Pope have been on trial? Not even the author has a reason let alone proof. Maybe the author would like to explain the Protestant Reich Church, or the reason Protestant survived Hitler? The Protestant movement began in Germany.

Hitler did tried to be Catholic but never a true Catholic he fully intended to remove all power form the Church (guess where he intended to place it?) and rewrite several things as 1) Jesus was to have died fighting the Jews, 2) Jesus was to be found non-Jewish, 3)Jesus was to be Aryan and only Aryans could be true Christians. So Hitler could be Catholic only once Catholism was changed to what Hitler decided.


The Catholic Church never tortured anybody, some members did but no the Church.

The author in the same article claims the Church runs the US elects its government. We have not had a Catholic President since 1962? We did have a Mason but the Catholic Church would never elect a Mason so did the author error?

So in summary hate is hate and this author if correct will continue to spew hate, my advice is to forget it.


I would ask for the source of the comments. If none can be provided, then its one persons opinion. If they dont have facts to back up the claim, its not a valid claim.



Thank you for the Catholic truth. It is very difficult to get most Catholics to understand or accept this reality.

I pray that every American and Christian could read these words and understand this reality. This way it would be understood why decent Americans dare not vote for a faithful Catholic to high office. To declare such a position as bigotry does not do justice to the reality it stands upon.

Thank you for clearing it up.


Kennedy, Scalia, Thomas, Roberts and Alito. Five of the nine Supreme Court justices are Catholic. Watch out, America! The Vatican will soon own us.


I’d rather the Vatican than Bill Gates, Ted Turner or Rupert Murdoch or any of the other handful of gazillionaires who currently ‘own’ the US. At least the Pope and Cardinals are guaranteed to believe in an afterlife in which they will have to account for any immoral/unethical behaviour during this life.


Refutation of this is easy. There is actually something that has been around longer than the Catholic Church. Something that has been present since even before Moses lead the Children of Israel out of bondage in Egypt. Something that dates back all the way the the time before Noah.

There have always been crazy people.


That was … interesting reading.

Of many inconsistency one kinda jumped out at me, no clue why. Why would the Catholic Church make secret societies that people as Catholics would be forbidden to take part in?


Any faithful Christian is dangerously subversive because he puts his loyalty to God over his loyalty to the state. In the words of Peter and the apostles, “we must obey God rather than men” (Acts 5:29). You, undoubtedly, would agree with that.

In fact, both God and family are over the state for the family is prior to the state, and indeed, the foundation of the state.

This of course is not meant in such a way as to be disobedient to one’s lawful superior-- but perhaps if you looked into Thomistic theory about what a just law is, inasmuch as postiive law is a representation of natural law, which is a participation in the eternal law, it is truly law, inasmuch as it is not, it is violence or force.



Personally, I wouldn’t respond to it. This mumbo jumbo can be found on any of dozens of anti-Catholic sites. These people love to bait Catholics and when I am confronted with paragraphs of such hatred, I say a prayer for the person who culled it from such websites and printed materials.

Just a little ditty I came across that Luther published about Jews. Sound a bit like Hitler?:

First, that their synagogues be burned down, and that all who
are able toss in sulphur and pitch; it would be good if someone
could also throw in some hellfire. That would demonstrate to God
our serious resolve and be evidence to all the world that it was in
ignorance that we tolerated such houses, in which the Jews have
reviled God, our dear Creator and Father, and his Son most
shamefully up till now, but that we have now given them their due

Second, I advise that their houses also be razed and destroyed. For
they pursue in them the same aims as in their synagogues. Instead
they might be lodged under a roof or in a barn, like the gypsies.
This will bring home to them that they are not masters in our
country, as they boast, but that they are living in exile and in
captivity, as they incessantly wail and lament about us before God

We have over a 2000 year history. Jesus is the Head of the Church, but the Church is run by human beings. Humans are sinful, just look in the OT.

Peace be with you,



Make him cite sources to prove it all. He can’t. It’s all propaganda without substance.


This is a very good appoarch… asking for primary sources and documents, not just one more website that supports this nonsense.


Where did you get this? If you addressed each topic, it would take some time. Do you really want to spend that time?

Do you think that there is turth in any of it? If you do, then perhaps those are the topics that you should address first.

If you want to addres it… which one topic do you want to hit first?



I find it curious that this person calls you, “my friend.” It sounds more like a curse. I wouldn’t bother responding. As another poster said, this person will just come up with a new batch of nonsense, and is probably not motivated by either a desire to seek the truth or by charity.

My husband travels a lot and seems to be a magnet for Catholic bashers. Instead of getting angry, I suggested that he hand out copies of Catholic Answers booklet. That way he is assured of speaking the truth and remaining calm. Of course, if this person is just an internet correspondent of yours, you may not have the opportunity to hand him a book. Why not direct him (or her) to this website? My apologies if someone has already made this suggestion…Good luck and God Bless!


For some reason this reeks of Seventh Day Adventisim Anti-Catholicism that I have seen on some very anti-catholic websites. I visited one yesterday that claims that the President Bush is a closet Catholic more or less and is proved by appointing an acting Catholic as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.


What is the current state?

Well allow me to change what you have wrote because it fits the non-Catholic Christian as well:

To be a “good American”, as it is defined by our culture, is to be “tolerant” of other belief systems, and to maintain a level of secularism that is above your Faith. The only true non-Catholic Christian form of government is a government that is instituted or approved of by Denomination that holds the Majority in and of itself

As a whole, who are currently more tolerant of other Faiths?

Catholics or non-Catholic Christians?

My answer is non-Catholic Christians. I could point to non-Catholic Christian forums and show the hatred and bigotry and prejudice against other faiths.

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