Anybody here Church of Christ? past or present

.(The Campbellites…man I hate that term…but need others to know we’s not Mormons) we are from Southeast Tennessee.

Y’all Catholics might see us as other Protestants but we are not…we believe in Baptism in the Name of The Father, Son and The Holy Spirit and for the forgiveness of sins (like y’alls do) and we reject once saved always saved…we believe in Paul’s message…y’all need to work out your salvation in fear and trembling…

The restoration movement (ours) is closer to the Catholic Church then the reformation…take time to study Alexander Campbell and Barton W. Stone…y’all will find out a lot…

Raised in the CoC, swam the Tiber in ‘07.


My Grandpa was before he convert to Catholicism.


Church of Christ (not Church of Christ of Later-Day Saints). Welcome. Saw your post on another topic. Born and raised Catholic; just wanted to let you know I appreciated your charitable conversation.


I was until becoming Catholic in 1996. Led youth, Bible studies, assisted at services, etc.

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Why are you called the campbellites?

I was raised in Church of Christ. I lost my faith entirely, but I’m currently inquiring into Catholicism. I’m curious… why do you ask if there are CofC’ers here?

They are a splinter group from the LDS after Joseph Smith died.

@horton No; wrong group. Campbellites aren’t related to LDS in the Protestant family tree.

Named after the Campbell brothers that sort of speerheaded the movement as a breakaway from the Disciples of Christ.

My friend was raised Church of Christ but is becoming Eastern Orthodox.

According to another thread, her daughter has or is going to marry a Catholic.

I’ve met two or three people who were CoC in my life. None of them were very pious (I’m sure it had more to do with them as persons than with the denomination itself) and didn’t seemed very different from your typical evangelical…

Oh, thanks for the explanation!

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