Anybody here do yoga exercises?


Do you have a particular program/video that you use for it? I sporadically try it from time to time.

I’m 95% certain the chemical blonde lady I’m trying to mimic is an alien shapeshifter from another star system that was sent here to spy on us. She can bend her body in ways that are totally unnatural. I don’t know how many months/years it takes to be able to do a full downward facing dog with your heels completely touching the mat. I would have to slice my achilles tendon to do it. For those that haven’t done yoga, this is the position I’m talking about:


I have a book, “Real Men Do Yoga”, that i like a lot. There’s no spiritual stuff in it, it’s approached more from an athletic perspective. I’d also recommend Pavel Tsatsouline’s “Relax into Stretch”, although that isn’t specifically for yoga.

 We are all built differently. We are not perfectly machined. Some of us will never be able to get the heels to the ground in downward dog. My heels easily rest there and have since about 6 or so weeks of practicing. I know of a yoga teacher that has been practicing several years longer than I have and his heels still don't touch the floor. No worries. My bones, muscles, ligaments, etc.. are different than other's. My posture is mine and your posture is yours. It's as simple as that. Enjoy the  practice :)


I’ve done yoga off and on for years (took me about 6 months to properly pull off downward dog). If you’re new to it I would highly recommend you find a good class to go to until you’re more familiar with it. Having an instructor that can see you and correct your form is really helpful early on so you don’t pick up bad habits or hurt yourself.


When I stop and then start again it takes a few weeks to get where I was in flexibility.


I stopped doing yoga after I learned the truth about it.


I started with, and still use, the stretching exercises in the Pain Free book by Pete Egoscue. When I saw how similar these stretches are to yoga poses, I investigated further and discovered the work of Paulist Father Thomas Ryan, who effectively debunks (for me, at least) the notion that yoga and Christianity are incompatible.

pain freeyoga prayer



I do stretching from Pieta Fitness and SoulCore


I could do that. Once upon a time. :slight_smile: I need to get back into it, it’s good for my arthritis.


I have these also. I can’t say how they are as I never opened to box.


I’m not sure we’re allowed to do yoga, are we?
What about chi exercises?
If one yes and one no, what is the difference?


We are, just not in any kind of spiritual context. And, if we can tell Protestants that when we kneel before statues of the Blessed Mother, even though it looks like we’re worshiping her, we aren’t, I think we can also practice yoga posture and say we’re doing it only for physical benefits.


Hindu masters will tell you that one cannot practice Yoga without Hinduism. I know that is grossly unpopular to say!


So you are saying we can do both?

Though I find it disingenuous to try to liken it to hyperdulia not equalling worship. By definition, worship is a thing that isn’t done by outside posturing but on inside posturing. In the strictest sense, worship is only during Mass.

But when martyrs die to not put incense for other gods, even though it is just an outward thing to do, and boom you don’t die and get to live, but died not doing it, I really can’t help feeling like something like this stuff should be avoided.

I’m not saying I know that you can’t do it, in fact I find myself doing chi like posturings on accident or just trying to practice fighting stances, but I feel like it should be avoided. I am not saying I am in authority or saying this authoritatively.


I’ve done done more research about yoga than actually doing the poses but I’ve decided to take it seriously. I posted previously about using a mudra and recently had a headache but no aspirin, etc. I looked up a mudra for headaches, and like the musta for my neck and shoulder pain this worked, headache was gone and stayed away.

Yoga isn’t stretching. If it improves one’s flexibility that’s a bonus but that is only one benefit.


I did practice. In fact it help me recover my left arm after surgery. I wasn t able to lift it but just a little bit.
Then I did again in US,it was good,but honestly I was used to my previous instructor particularly because she moved around making sure we do the exercise properly and also not overstretching or harming ourselves.
I still do much of the stretching but I should do it more regularly ,it helps .


That was my point exactly Kei. You can do yoga and, while others may see you doing it and think, “Oh, that pagain_emphasized text_!”, you can be practicing it without worshipping or doing whatever it is the yogis would say you were doing.

I used to do a lot of kettlebell work, which really is a Russian apparatus. Its kind of like saying I’d become a Communist by using a kettlebell.


Well yes…
Honestly,I do not think there is a sport I haven t practiced throughout my life…among the most common ones,exluding " air" ones that freak me out. Land and water sports,.I love them.
And yoga counterbalanced that tightness we have about sports.And that sort of muscle " shortening"
A no…nothing about anything but the exercises…
But then of course,there may be places oriented towards other philosophies that have yoga as part of it. I joined more the club style…
I am old enough to let something come in one ear and out the other one when I am doing sports or exercise so also honestly,I would have paid zero attention to anything spoken " philosophically", but that is personality too.


That’s a good point. My wife does yoga daily, and has for the past 5 years. She started with classes and basically had to “filter out” the pseudo-spiritual stuff she encountered. Not everyone is as capable or secure enough to do that successfully, however.


Please elaborate?

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