Anybody know any good Intelligent Design audio talks?


This question has probably been addressed numerous times in the forums, but I guess I’m just too lazy to go searching through all of them :smiley:

I have a good friend who has a Ph.D in chemistry and a Master’s degree in genetic counseling and he’s looking for a CD/audio cassette on someone arguing specifically in favor of why Intelligent Design is scientific and not pseudoscientific as most mainstream scientists claim. Does anybody have any recommendations? Preferably, the talk should be from a scientist. . .



First, there aren’t many mainstream scientists who think ID is scientific. But all your favorite Discovery Institute people can be found at The Veritas Forum

One talk in particular I thought was good is by Walter Bradley on the fine-tuning we find in the universe (Hugh Ross uses similar arguments for intelligent design). The 2005 version I linked is the latest version of this talk, he has given it many times.

All of the speakers can be found here. Look for Walter Bradley (talks), Michael Behe (talks, panel discussions, and a debate), Hugh Ross (talks), Phillip Johnson (talks, more philosophical, less science), William Lane Craig (talks and debates, again more philosophical, but great debater against atheism). Find where it says “download MP3” and you can turn those MP3s into CDs or IPod thingies (which I don’t have yet).

For Real Player presentations check out these pages from The Meta-Library, in particular their Cosmic Questions section, and the Perspectives on Evolution section. These will open as embedded Real Player videos and contains both debunkers and supporters of intelligent design, evolution and creationism. The site can be busy and sometimes problems loading the videos. All views presented so it is fair.

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