Anybody listen to Catholic Hip-Hop/Rap?

I found this website a long time ago and wanted to share.

Catholic Hip-Hop/Rap?? Oy Vey! :eek:

I’m not a fan of rap by any stretch. I’ve always been more of a metal guy, but I really like the guys they have at phatmass. For some reason all the Catholic metal bands I’ve found like to use the death metal voices, which I just can’t stand. The message in most of the songs at phatmass is good enough for me to really enjoy them. I actually ended up buying one of the albums.

I recently released a hip-hop/rap album associated with Phatmass that you can listen to in its entirety here:
Paradox & DJ Sean P - “Mending”
If you’re skeptical, maybe you would feel better knowing that I also teach Theology at a Catholic High School.

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