Anybody played Tropico 4 yet?

I've heard an opinion that there is more mocking of religion than there was in previous instalments of the series. I'm inclined to pass based on this (and on what I remember from Tropico 3) but I'd like additional opinions before I make up my mind finally.

There certainly is a lot of mockery of religion, and Father Estaban is depicted as a self-serving drunk, but the game is generally irreverent to everybody. Given the cultural zeitgeist we live under, it’s tolerable enough.

I think the game is a hoot, but if you’ve already got Tropico 3 you might not want to bother. There’s not much that you haven’t seen before. I still think the original Tropico (without the awful add-on pack) was probably the best version of the game to date, at least structurally, but the new versions do have much better graphics.

If you DON’T have Tropico 3, I’d recommend it. You might want to wait, however, and get it later on when the price drops (and when the inevitable add-on pack comes out for it).

Of course, if you’re easily offended you should stay away. This goes for any fanatical environmentalists, Marxists, or fans of either Fidel Castro, Che Guevara or Richard Nixon as well.

I have Tropico 3 and wasn't thrilled to see it available for 10% of what I paid for it when it was new. ;) I finished the missions and went on to play those in the Absolute Power addon but uninstalled the game after that mission involving a large religious statue and a lot of electricity, if you might remember. That was the last straw for me. I was wondering if there are similar things in Tropico 4.

I think I vaguely recall what you're talking about, but not the details.

The game is very irreverant, and that applies to religion as much as anything else. Some people have complained that the game is 'racist', in that it doesn't depict Caribbean people in a particularly favorable light.

Like I said, if you're easily offended you shouldn't bother with this game. Likewise, if you already have Tropico 3 and the add-on, you already know what's in store with Tropico 4. There's some new buildings, a few new concepts (Ministry appointments, in-mission bonus task pop-ups, etc), but it's essentially the same game. In fact, the graphics are actually slightly downgraded in Tropico 4 from Tropico 3, mainly to resolve frame rate problems and promote game fluidity.

As for me, I very much like the Tropico series. I even liked Tropic 2 (which many people had a problem with), and really only hated the Muy Macho add-on for the first Tropico (which would randomly wreck your island with storms that couldn't be turned off). I think the original Tropico without the add-on was the best version (best voice acting, best game strategy), with the Tropico 3/Absolute Power combo as a close second (superior graphics, roads with cars, lots of new buildings and options). I bought Tropico 4, in part because the DRM isn't STEAM-based (although it's annoying to be forced to sign on to play, as long as my computer has internet access), but also because I'm such a fanatic for the series.

Maybe I have a warped sense of humor, because I'd recommend this game. But if you're easily insulted, more devout, or just didn't like Tropico 3, I'd stay away from it. Given that lots of people are so annoyed about so little being added to/changed in this new version, even if you like it you should probably at least wait a bit, as the price is likely going to plummet. But I bought it, I've enjoyed screwing around with it, and I'm not going to be bothered to see it offered for half or a third of what I paid for it. As far as I'm concerned, I got my money's worth. :D

I was playing this game, and decided to have some fun by making a dictatorial regime. It was pretty fun, having constant huge wars with rebels and jailing everyone who opposed me. I thought afterwards though, is that a sin? Enjoying a game in which you are literally jailing people into convict labour jails who oppose your reign? I'm sort of puzzled. I normally play capitalist, but a militaristic regime looked fun...

Also, yes the game is irreverent to Catholics. The reverend is a drunk, who cares more about the pub than the Church. Also, there is an immature joke about the 'consecrated wine', which I mute my speakers to when it starts.


It does give you some insights into how despots might look at the world.

Same suggestion I'd have for FPS fans. Have fun shooting your friends in the game, but let's not have any of that in real life. :)

Well, to be honest, I did enjoy the dictator simulation immensely when Tropico 1 came out. I had great fun. Similarly so in Tropico 3, though largely due to nostalgy. I don’t mind being a benevolent El Presidente, actually. In fact, I don’t ever have to fake the elections or imprison anybody and I tend to play without prisons or even without police stations sometimes (less possible in Tropico 3 than Tropico 1). But I somehow can’t take jabs at Christianity. Some of them would be a different matter on their own but when you take them all together, it’s much.

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