Anybody ressurected to heaven besides Jesus and Mary?


Hello, I would like ot ask if Anybody besides Jesus and Mary who ressurected directly to heaven and to eternal glory?

Lazarus and many others in the bible did ressurect but it was only a return to an earthly life and they later died again.


Mary did not resurrect, I understand that she just ascended to heaven. Elijah ascended to heaven and also Enoch in the Genesis, they were simply taken to heaven.


Jesus ascended. Mary, Elijah and Enoch were assumed. There is a difference.



The difference is that in the Ascension, Jesus ascended to heaven under His own power. When one is assumed into heaven, it is by the power of God, not by one’s own power.


Our Blessed Mother’s Assumption included Resurrection. If her body and soul were united after death and she was then glorified, what is that if not Resurrection?


We usually do not speak of Mary being resurrected because the Church has not made a definitive statement as to whether Mary died and her body was resurrected, or if she was assumed into heaven without dying. The Church only talks about her earthly life being ended.


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