Anybody see film SWEET HOME ALABAMA?

Has anybody here seen the movie SWEET HOME ALABAMA ?
It has been on USA Networks several times. I wasn’t going to watch it cuz I thought it would be a boring chick flick (no offense intended, ladies), but I had nothing to do one night and it came on, and surprise, I adored that movie. I cracked up laughing many times, and I loved the ending. If you haven’t seen it, check your tv guide or dvd rental place and give it a look.
God bless,

it’s a cute movie.

I like this movie too b/c 1) Patrick Dempsey is in it :thumbsup: , and 2) I’m from AL, and some of the ways the South and its people are portrayed are so true to life that it cracks me up! I mean, I went to high school with some of those characters, OK? I also really like Reese Witherspoon. It’s a cute movie. :slight_smile:

I moved from the North to Alabama in 2003. My parents got me this movie.

It is true, for some places in Alabama, you feel like you need a passport.

I laugh through the whole movie every time I watch it.

All I know is that this movie charmed the socks off of me, quite unexpectedly !! It’s a real gem.

"Now, whah would yew wawnt ta be married to me for?"
and she answers,
“So Ah kin kiss yew innytamm I wawnt.”

Love it. I hope USA Network airs it a couple more times,
cuz I’d like to watch it again.


My favorite line is

"You have a baby!!

IN A BAR???!!!??"

I love that movie! Its one of the two chick flicks I enjoy…although maybe being a southerner myself helps, I can relate to a few things in the movie…especially the whole accent thing. The first time I partied a little too hard with my friends I kind of freaked them out a bit because I slipped and forgot to speak like a northerner. :smiley: Their shocked looks made me remember real fast:blush:

I loved the scene where Candace Bergen gets laid out by the bride.

Shucks - it ain’t a southern weddin’ unless someone gets in a fight during the ceremony - right.

nichjake, LOL, too funny !!

I also liked the wedding scene where the snooty mayor of New York (Candice Bergen), insults Reese Witherspoons mom by yelling "Shut up you redneck, and go back to your
DOUBLE-WIDE ((trailer home)) and FRY something !!!"
and little spunky Reese just hauls off and pops her in the nose.
That was classic.
And the scene where Bobby Ray and his Grandpappy are out in the backyard of the plantation shooting ANVILS into the sky with explosives. ANVILS, for crying out loud !! You could KILL somebody doing that !!
Do some people in Alabama really do those hysterically funny but dangerous things???
Whatever, as soon as I can I’m going to buy the DVD for my library cuz I really love this nutty little movie.

itbpoe43, you and I like the same scene, LOL.
And after she pops the mayor, her daddy yells out,
Yee-haw, the SOUTH has RISEN again !!!

That cracks me up EVERY TIME because, seriously, like I said before, I went to high school with people like that.

I also like the part when she first comes back to her husband’s house and they are yelling at each other, then the dog starts howling, and she yells, “Shut up, Bear!” and simultaneously, he yells, “Shut up, Bryant!” It’s funny b/c every other dog in the state really is named Bear :D. The only logical thing to do if Bear died would be to name the next dog Bryant! :slight_smile: (Unless, of course, you are an Auburn fan…)

Hi catholicrocks,
I have a cousin and an aunt in Bessemer, Alabama just outside Birmingham, but I’ve never visited Alabama myself yet.

Hey, do the small towns in Alabama REALLY have
a “Coon-Dog Cemetery” located just off the town square
like in the movie? I found that hilarious. A CoonDog Cemetery right in middle of town. LOL

God bless,

:rotfl: OK, that I have NOT experienced, but I would not be surprised if something like that does in fact exist in various places in Alabama.

I also can’t speak specifically about the whole shooting anvils thing, but you would be surprised at some of the hysterically funny, stupid, and dangerous stories I have heard…:smiley:

Okay, what would you name it if you were an Auburn fan, and why wouldn’t they name a dog Bryant.

Sorry, I live in the South. I didn’t grow up here.

:smiley: Well, they are the Auburn Tigers, and I’ve known people with pets named Tiger or Aubie (Auburn’s mascot). They might also name a pet after a coach or player (former or current). I’m not an Auburn fan though, so I’ve not thought much about it.

And an AU fan would probably not name their dog Bear or Bryant b/c of the connection to the former Bama coach Bear Bryant. I’m a Bama fan, and I love Bear Bryant, but I do think that Bama’s been dwelling on him for a long time. (He died in 1983!)

Football really is like a religion down here…

Now I’ll have to hire this movie again. It is sooo funny even for us Kiwis.

Born and raised in AL. A couple of my funnier memories - a girl in my high school econ class (around 1979) was telling us how she felt when her Dad came home and told them they would be moving from California to Alabama. She said that she asked if they would have indoor plumbing. It was also pretty amusing in the foreign language classes listening to us learn to speak German, Spanish, etc. with a southern accent.:eek:

:rotfl: That’s the truth. I worked very hard to schedule our wedding on Bama’s off week, and an AU away game. (My family are all Bama fans, but my husband is an AU grad!) Some of his friends were still freaking b/c our wedding ended up actually taking place during the game so they couldn’t watch it on TV. At that point, they were too far gone as far as I was concerned. You know real life actually does have to continue…:slight_smile:

We’ve always been blessed enough to not have to worry about the indoor plumbing thing, but I know my mom has friends who grew up without it, and I know a lot of my own friends in high school who lived in very different conditions than we did, and we were not rich by any means!

My grandmother is a yankee, so we aren’t 100% Southern :D, and I was in Catholic school K-8th grade. Some friends here tell me that I don’t sound Southern and “talk so proper.” I cringe and want to scream, “I speak properLY!” But, when I visited my aunt in Ohio everyone wanted to hear this Southern girl speak. :smiley:

Bear Bryant is the former Alabama coach…who left Texas A&M to go there. So an Auburn fan wouldn’t want the association.

A funny side note, I think I barely made it out of the Chili’s in Tuscaloosa alive because of my smart mouth. My wife and I were on our way to Nashville and stopped to eat there. After dinner was over, My wife asked the waiter what there was to do in Tuscaloosa. He mentioned Bear Bryant this and Bear Bryant that. So naturally, my wife asked who Bear Bryant was. I popped in before the waiter had a chance to answer, that he was a former Coach at Texas A&M who almost got the football program suspended. The waiter looked like he wanted to kill me.

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