Anybody seen the Catholicism documentary on now?

There is a really neat documentary called “Catholicism” that is on. Here it’s on OPT so I don’t know how widespread it is.
Where I’m at, it’s on Ozarks Public Television Tuesday at 10:00 p.m. CST and repeats Sunday at 4:30.

The first part was pretty good talked about how we domesticate Jesus and how really he differed from other spiritual leaders. He gives you a dramatic choice of him being either a liar, crazy, or true as far as his divinity among other things. For lack of a batter word, it showed how “ballsy” sp? Jesus was and the POWER of love and nonviolence. It also went into some history of the church etc…All in all it’s 10 parts I believe and the 2nd part airs today. It’s part of Word on Fire Catholic ministries and can be ordered at My parish had an ad for it. A quote for it on my flyer was “‘Catholicism’ could well become on of the most significant efforts ever to advance what Pope John Paul II called ‘The New Evangelization’” -George Weigel, biographer of Pope John Paul II

Anyway, I just wanted to let people know about it who might want to watch it.

I understood it was to start in November on PBS with some episodes to be shown on EWTN.

Maybe that’s a repeat showing then. Regrettably cable in our area no longer has EWTN…not that that matters now anyway as we have antennae channels, including OPT. I just saw the first part last weekend and thought it was really well done and look forward to seeing the rest of it!

Here is the current television schedule

It appears that EWTN will begin airing the series on Novmber 16th

And here is the main website for the series

I saw the first episode.

‘Catholicism’ is being broadcast on WTVS Detroit Public Television Sundays at 6:00PM.

George Weigel wrote a column about the significance of the television series ‘Catholicism’:

"In the fall of 1972, a group of us, philosophy majors all, approached our dean of studies, Father Bob Evers, with a request: Under the supervision of a faculty member, could we build a two-credit senior seminar in our last college semester around Kenneth Clark’s BBC series, “Civilization,” which had been shown on American public television. Father Evers agreed, and we had a ball. “Civilization” was the perfect way to finish a serious undergraduate liberal arts education; it brought together ideas, art, architecture and history in a visually compelling synthesis of the history of western culture that respected Catholicism’s role in shaping the West.

Over the next four decades, I wondered whether someone, somewhere, at some point, would do a “Civilization”-like series on Catholicism itself: a Grand Tour of the Catholic world that explored the Church as a culture through its teaching, its art, its music, its architecture—and above all, through the lives it shaped. That has now happened.

The result is the most important media initiative in the history of the Catholic Church in the United States."

I am looking forward to seeing the few episodes on our local PBS, and hope to follow up with EWTN for more if not all of the episodes. Someday I’ll splurge for the DVDs, the reviews have been beyond scintillating.

I just finished the companion book for the series, also by Fr. Barron. Remarkable.

I saw a small part of one and another complete one. I thought it was one of the best documentaries on Catholicism in a long time. It was intelligent and treated the viewer as an adult. The one I saw discussed the Trinity among other deep subjects. One of the coolest thing is the very good narrator who talks at some great religious spot and then a minute later is in some other Church across Europe, then a second or two later is somewhere else. It really moves and enlivens complicated subjects.

They were on later at night and I didn’t get to watch them all but I have been looking for them. I hope the other ones are as good as the one I saw. Unfortunately the DVD set is 150 smackers.

I am sorry but I so disappointed in so much Catholic television. It simply seems to be aimed at someone else besides me. This series is aimed at me.

The show is also available on DVD:

There are study guides available as well, which would make this a great parish-based small group study.

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