Anybody Understand!?


…okay sorry:o…it has been a really long week, and it is only Tues! Probably does not help that I am fighting a cold…:frowning:

Such a stressful week, and I just needed to vent…
My landlord just informed me he is basically kicking me out this summer, so he can move a bunch of guys into the house I am living ( I have a year left on my lease!!!) they are coming to “pick their rooms” on Friday ( great…men I do not know wandering around my room…:eek:), trying to get my loans consolidated (again) with people how sound as helpful as prison guards, budgeting for a move (again) with money I do not have…being sick out my second week of my new job (good impression, right?)…
and most of the people I would turn to for support are so stressed with other things, I would feel awful burdening them with these petty probelms! I sooooooo can not wait to settle down, someday…I am really not comfortable in this lifestyle…:o
Sigh…thank you for listening…really…:slight_smile: I just need to vent in some people’s ears…:slight_smile: No need to respond…just letting off steam in a (hopefully) supportive environment!

Ps. If some of you are wondering where I disappeared to…here is your answer…:rolleyes:


Any chance you could talk to an attorney about being kicked out prior to the end of your lease? That just doesn’t seem right or legal to me, especially if you haven’t given him cause to kick you out.

I’m sorry life is stressful right now! :hug1:


Wait…your landlord’s just kicking you out, even though you are still under contract? I’m assuming that you haven’t broken the contract yourself (i.e. by not paying or anything).

If this is true, your landlord is acting outside of the law, and, as someone who plans to go to law school, I’d say you have a definite case there. That’s what the legal system is for: Righting wrongs committed here on Earth. I highly suggest you talk with a legal counselor or a lawyer.


Aww, thanks!

I am actually kinda being courted by an attorney right now…hehehe :wink: However, I REALLY would rather just get my deposit back and move on…if this is how he treats his tenants…I want NO part of this…:slight_smile:


I can see this, but he needs to know that he can’t treat people like this. It’s very, very, very illegal.


[quote="Whitacre_Girl, post:5, topic:194607"]
I can see this, but he needs to know that he can't treat people like this. It's very, very, very illegal.


He just told me to call him to clear things up...


Hopefully it can get worked out. Keep us posted :wink:


I am so sorry Lily. :hug1: I know it has to be difficult dealing with all this. If you were closer, I would so offer you my place. :) I don't have any advice, except for saying that the landlord is breaking their end of the deal.


I’m so sorry your having a rough week! Here’s a cyber :gopray:-I hope it gets better!

Talk to your attorney friend-tell him what the landlord is doing-totally wrong, immoral, unethical-you name it!

Sometimes it best to be the tenant of a corporation-they’re just in it for the money, but they usually treat you better than an individual landlord-they can get power hungry and jerky very quickly!


Well thanks all! :) I suppose that is what was making me the most crazy...but there was a lot of things piling up this, or something like it! :shrug: :)


I am sooooo sorry you have to deal with this, Lily! And I definitely understand. Sometimes you want to scream out your problems and no one in your small part of the world really hears you? So you come to tell us what you’re going through so we can offer prayers and support from a different view? I love the fact that I have CAF to lean on. And don’t worry, it’s of the flesh to complain about small things. That doesn’t mean your problems are any bigger or smaller than everyone else. Everyone’s problems are equally important to them. God Bless you!


Not sure about Penn. law; however, in CA (especially SF) you have a case.....obviously, unless you did something against the lease.


:hug1: Thanks dear! I needed to hear just those words…:slight_smile: It is comforting to know that others feel the same sometimes…:o Ah, humanity! Thanks for the prayers to, they are very appreciated!


Thanks girl! :slight_smile: I would LOVE to live with you…but moving across the country is a bit farther than I anticipated! LOL! :slight_smile:


Hi Lily,

Know that you are absolutely not alone. I’ve moved 11 different places over the past year and a half, have one more in the next couple of weeks, and nothing at present is formulated as to where to go. Don’t make the mistakes I have by renting rooms from Craigs list, the people I’ve encountered through there has given me quite a few emotional scars in the process, they simply are not worth it.

I’ll pray that you find a new place, hopefully you can with me as well.


:eek: OH my gosh!! I am so sorry you had to go through that! I will definitely pray for you!


I'm sorry too about your stressful time. And know the feeling of just wanting to get out of there. But I would at least ask him (and you have every right) for some time so's you can prepare to find another place.

Heaven's! hope you have some prospects.


Okay, sigh.....:)
I called him and he apologized for keeping me in the dark and scaring me, and says he wants to move me to another building, so no breaking of the lease on either end....:)
...I feel a bit better now, however, I am still wondering.....:rolleyes:

One thing down....20 to go...:p



Sorry, I couldn’t resist the word play. :smiley:

Your problems are not petty and your concerns are very understandable. I hope this is an opportunity for you rather than a mere difficulty and something is telling me this is possible. Speedy recovery!

As for your job, there’ll be opportunity to make a good impression when you’re back to work. As for men wandering around your room, just demand the landlord to be present and keep a friend with you or, better, invite your Counsel Charming and make sure he mentions his job description. :wink:


[quote="LilyElain, post:14, topic:194607"]
Thanks girl! :) I would LOVE to live with you...but moving across the country is a bit farther than I anticipated! LOL! :)


Well, I might be in Vegas if this music thing goes through. :) But it is too sin filled for a good Catholic girl, so it is perfect for me (a reformed Catholic girl who can handle the most sinful place in America), lol.

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