Anybody Want To Help Me Out?

I’m working on a novel that is set in the Church. Looking for some folks with more knowledge than I about the workings of the Church to help advise for accuracy. Anyone interested?

Should be a good book when I’m through if I can keep it accurate.


I think your best bet would be to get a copy of the Catechism of the Catholic Church and read through what we believe yourself. (I’m taking it that you’re not Catholic?) You said it was ‘set in the Church’ but what is the novel about?

Hi I wish you the very best with your novel!
It’s rather a broad request, and perhaps no one person can answer it.
One might need to read your notes to be able to assess whether or not it is authentic in its portrayal of the Church.
It is also a fact that there are divergent views of the Church amongst Catholics.
You might need to run your novel past a range of people, cleric and lay.
May the Holy Spirit inspire you!

I just wanted to comment that I LOVE that picture of Jesus hugging that boy. When my nephew was killed in a car accident, I sent a print of that to the family and got one for myself. It’s so beautiful.

Yes, he’s Catholic! Shows up in his post! You made me smile…And that thought occurred to me also, regarding the Catechism of the Catholic Church, you are right, it should guide him, and while he should refer to that, it’s unclear whether or not he is looking at a social or historical view of the Church…
Sometimes one reads books or view films and they lose credibility as we recognise that their portrayal of Catholics and the Church is unrealistic!

I’m sorry about your nephew. That’s very sad. God bless your family.

Yes, I include the picture in my signature because I wanted people to feel the Lord cherishes them. I spend most time in Prayer Intentions with prayer requests, which are often sad.

I hope Elias enjoys writing his novel! It’s great he wishes to do so with integrity!

What’s the novel about? What is he looking for? (if it’s about raising a handicapped kid in ‘CatholicLand’, I’m your girl! :slight_smile:

I didn’t see that on Elias’ post. I thought you were the OP. Ooops. I’m getting old. :slight_smile:

I’m a Catholic…Went through RCIA maybe 7 years ago.
I hate to get too much into the story you know. Let’s just go with the themes:

The greater the responsibility placed upon you, the more dire the consequences of betrayal.
Although it may be possible to make right things you have done, the consequences of those mistakes can be permanent.

Also a theme:
God doesn’t always give you all the information you think you need. You have to act of Faith sometimes.

I think maybe what I’m looking for is like an organisational chart for the Church. Which “department” is responsible for what duties, etc.

Also looking for information about Catholic life in rural areas of the US in the latter 19th century. Part of the story relates to some past events that occurred in that time period.

Thanks for the replies.


The portrayal I’m trying to pull off is like this:

Mst of the principal characters are Catholics. The protagonist is a priest.
What I do not want to do is have it come off as evangelizing. What I’m doing is telling a story that happens to have a cast of characters who are in the Church. The focus of the book is the story, not the Church. The Church is the setting but the story will not be either an indictment of nor an advertisement for the Church. I hope that makes sense.

The conflict of the story is the really bad unintended consequences of the unauthorized exorcism of a particularly nasty demon. While the priest had good intentions, he disobeyed orders and released a bad character on the scene. He is then told that it is his responsibility to clean up the mess and recapture the demon.

So I need some info on Church life in the 1890s as well as what offices of the Church might be coming down on the disobedient priest.


Relate it to a modern police drama. This would be the story.

A detective finds evidence that a fellow detective is on the take.
Detective reports it to his superiors and is told to leave it alone.
Detective takes matters in his own hands and busts the dirty detective.
Dirty detective is actually undercover and this action ruins a larger investigation.

And so on. Maybe that helps. In this instance, the events take place in the police department, however, the department is merely the setting and machinations that fill things out. An examination of the department is not the focus.

I hope that clarifies.


Fr. Gabriel Amorth wrote 2 books called “An Exorcist Tells His Story” and a sequel. He really outlines what it is that exorcists do. I did learn from reading the book that a bishop must assign an exorcist. If a priest is working on his own, he doesn’t have the Church’s protection.

I have read some of that. You are correct in needing permission. That’s where his troubles begin.


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