Anybody want to help?


I’m looking for a couple of people who would be willing to author a few essays on Catholic Apologetic topics, e.g. Mary, The Saints, Purgatory, The Eucharist, etc. Maybe one person could take on subject, and someone else take another, etc. I have just began one on the Papacy.

I’m looking for indepth Scriptual references, early Christian beliefs, and well thought out exegetical commentary. If anyone is interested contact me through my website, which is listed below.

The essays will be posted on my website,, which is still under a little construction so bear with me.

I’m also open to giving certain folks “authoring priviledges” on my site so that they may write openly and even “off-topic” on the blog section. The essays will be posted in the “Compendium” section of the site with full credit to the author as well as links to your site, if you have one, and email links.

I am also looking for Personal Conversion stories from you converts out there! So email or Private message me if you are interested.

My plan is to build a small group of lay Catholic Apologists to begin an apostolate on the internet. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated!

Also, just drop by the site and let me know what you think!!!

Lastly, again, thank you all for your prayers and help during my 3 year journey into Catholicism.


What about an article on justification or something?

I MIGHT be able to contribute.


Absolutely Brother. Just email or PM me.


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