Anyone can share their view on this bible study


I am looking for charitable reactions to a post that I read that I thought would be interesting to discuss amoung all people, and their feelings about it. Pro or contra. But, lets keep it nice.

I dont want debate amoung the posters here- just offer your reactions.

Here you go:

Go to all the bookstores in town and buy up each and every translation they sell.

Next, go to multiple Christian bookstores and buy up all their translations.

Next, buy several of the Parallel Bibles… There a 26-in-1, an 8-in-1, and several 4-in-1.

Now, buy up multiple Hebrew and Greek Interlinears.

Supplement your collection with Various Word Dictionaries, Lexicons, and Concordances, and Bible Commentaries from multiple Catholic and Protestant sources.

Designate a “Bible Reading” room in your house. Lay out all the Bibles next to each other over the entire floor.

Open them all to the same page and start checking. Go verse by verse, checking word for word to see for yourself the amount of variation between translations and versions. Spend 8 hours a day for a year doing this.

You will soon realize there isn’t that much translation variation on issues of core doctrine. However, you begin to see how certain translations are inconsistent in translating certain words. So, move on to investigate this…

Now, pick a list of key words around a particular topic like: Hell, Gehenna, grave, Sheol, death. Go through the hundreds of occurrences in your concordances and check each and every translation laying out across the floor.

Make a spreadsheet to show how each Hebrew and Greek word is translated in each of the translations.

Now, repeat the process with multiple topics: Soul, Spirit, Anointed, Holy Spirit/Ghost, Kingdom, Heaven, God, Jehovah, Son, Christ.

Select each word and go through the Bible Commentaries… see how each religion discusses and analyses it. Look up all the scriptures they point to and double check against the other Commentaries and the 50+ translations.

By now, you’ll have a pretty good idea of what the Bible is really saying.

Now, buy some “Comparative Religion” books to see what all the religions are teaching. Compare their doctrine against what the Bible actually says. You’ll begin to notice there is a difference. Many doctrines and beliefs are not to be found in the Bible.

Go and visit each and every church in your community. Talk with the Minister/Pastor/Priest. Ask questions about their respect for Scripture, how they understand key scriptures, what are the values that are important to them, etc.

Now, you are ready to begin deciding which group has the truth and who you’d like to associate with.


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You dont have enough time in the day to do what you are saying.

The best answer I can give you is to find a Bible that has been translated directly from whatever original language it was written in (Aramaic, Greek, Coptic, etc.) and use that as your keystone to build that bridge in Christianity. Among Christians the core beliefs do not change, its all the details that we argue about.



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But, to be clear, I did not do this study. Someone else here posted this on another thread I have running. He is a JW.


As in most translations, there will always be a bias with the translator.

Hebrew and Greek(and I am not by any means an expert) has many varied nuances and meanings for certain words…in many instances the translator uses the word or meaning that resonates with them. The Bible was written in a culture and over a period of time that is vastly different than ours…no wonder there are varied translations with differences.

We can get bogged down on the “word meaning” of certain phrases and passages and loose sight of Hearing the “word of God” in those passages.

Does “kindness and peace” really mean “kindness and peace”, especially when we are dealing with “heretics”…Does “love your enemy” really mean…“love your enemy” even the Muslim ro Communist or the People whom my nation happends ot be at war with…

As a Friend, scripture is interpreted through our understanding of the Light and how the Light Within woks within our lives…our faith is seen as relaitional with our fellow man. That of God indwells all humanity, we seek to “speak to that of God” in others, so scripture is seen through the interpretive eye of how it instructs us to “love one another” better…“seek peace with all men”…better…“feed the hungry”…in a better way.

When there are questions about what a passage means, we seek to interpret it in such a way to understand how…it will make us more whole, more loving…more “Christ like”. In our minds the religious life MUST be lived out in our relations to one another…if get that wrong, then any lofty ideas we have about God don’t mean too much.

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