Anyone catch Fr. Corapi Sat. on EWTN?

His talk on suffering - redemptive suffering - was one of the most powerful I’ve heard him give. This is what so many just don’t get in this modern cushy, superficial society of no pain. He had me roaring with laughter when referring to Padre Pio. For those who think Fr. Corapi is hard-nosed, you should have lived in Padre Pio’s day. Talk about a take no prisoners attitude. This guy was quite the character too, one of the most interesting mystics you’ll ever find. Fr. Corapi has become a master of pacing himself and building to a climax. If you compare his sermons from ten years ago to today, the growth and polish is astounding.

It was one of Father Corapi’s most profound talks I’ve heard! After loosing my mother last year to cancer, this explaination of redemptive suffering is the most accurate and comforting discriptions of what we all went through with her. Another great teacher is Father Baron. He has a website called Word on Fire. He has countless numbers of homolies on the subject as well.

God bless

What show was he on? Was it his own? I’d love to download that!

I think it’s just called Father Corapi. I saw it at 8:00pm mst on EWTN. I’m not sure if it is downloadable. He is on at the same time every weekend.

10:00pm eastern on Saturdays. There is also - usually an earlier episode of his - that runs 8:00 pm Sundays.
For those who’ve never seen this outstanding preacher, please check him out. You can also contact EWTN to get videos of these shows.

I didn’t see it, but based on the date you provided, and the Father Corapi’s website, it was entitled Immortal Combat Episode 7, and it was shown 3 times, but won’t be shown again in the near future:

Fr. Corapi’s Television Schedule

He does have some cassettes, etc. on his website. The Immortal Combat series is found on this page:
Immortal Combat series

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