Anyone Discerning the Carmelite Life?

I am aspiring with the Lafayette Carmelites and I am just wondering if any other men and women are seriously discerning this life.

I hope you will get a response to your Post soon.
May The Lord bless richly your discernment journey. It is an awesome vocation and call from God!

I am very early in discerning my call to religious life. The Carmelites are the order that have most attracted me thus far & even more so as I look into other orders. The Holy Spirit often works with attraction in the discernment process I have been told. I am seeking the counsel of my parish priest & local vocations director of he Archdiocese of Atl. While I have committed a length of time to my Spiritual director for research before making contact with the orders. The more I learn the more I am loving Carmelite Spirituality, it kinda helps that there is a small chapter of the Third Order that meets @ my parish whom are thrilled to answer all my questions :slight_smile:

if you have any helpful links please pm me with them , both on the carmelites & discernment :thumbsup:

I must add that because I am so early in the discernment process I am staying open to any direction which the Lord leads me to. However the contemplative orders draw my attention the most & as of yet the strongest pull is to the Carmelites

I am in my 4th year of simple vows, almost my 7th year of formation, with the Carmelites (O.Carm.).

Can you give some advice? I know it is super hard for me to live out my current vocation as I look forward to the one that waits.

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