Anyone Else Alone on Christmas?


I can’t be the only one. I just moved up here (I’m not even unpacked yet), and haven’t made any friends yet (too busy working). And I work on Christmas Eve, and at 6 am on the day after Christmas, so I can’t do the four hour drive home. So it will be just my cats and I. I might make it mass on Christmas, but I’m not sure.


I know a thing or two about being alone on Christmas, in a country where its not even a national holiday so if you`re ever doing a country album on the subject I can contribute some lyrics.;).

Why not go to Mass it is a holy day of obligation as is every Sunday.

Try offering up your loneliness in reparation for your own sins, for others` sins, for those who are alone too, for the end of abortion, for the conversion of sinners etc etc


I’m not sure if the buses run on Christmas, and that is my only form of transit right now. And cabs are too expensive. I did by some wine, a new Wii game, some cheese, and chocolate, so at least I’ll have yummy stuff.


CountrySinger, I live in your county, not too far from you. The buses are running on Christmas on a “Sunday” schedule.

Google up for the trip planer. Phone number is (206) 553-3000, or toll-free 1-800-542-7876.

The fares will be $1.75 for adults, and on a Sunday there won’t be a peak time fare.

You sound like you have the same job I had before I was laid off on Jan 7, 2009: we worked the day after Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve full day, day after Christmas, New Year’s Eve, day after New Year’s. Took the bus to work and back every day, as there was no parking where we worked downtown. I am glad you have a job this Christmas.

I am, at least, not alone this Christmas, as my son is coming home to enjoy dinner with me. I will be praying for you to make friends here quickly. We are pretty friendly in this area, at least I have found it so, and I moved here 25 years ago as a young adult.:thumbsup:


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Try offering up your loneliness in reparation for your own sins, for others` sins, for those who are alone too, for the end of abortion, for the conversion of sinners etc etc


I don't mean to derail the threads, but I hear people talking about offering up their suffering for holy causes...what exactly does it mean to do that??


Jimmy Akin describes it like this: The basic idea is to ask God to bring good out of one's suffering, in essence by saying, "God, please use this suffering to bring about good. If how I handle this suffering pleases you then please bless me, either directly or by granting my prayer request for others."
So if I'm feeling pain, I can ask God to use my patience under it to bless, for example, CountrySinger who will be alone on Christmas.


We can unite our suffering to Christ’s suffering, and offer it to the Father, and in that way make reparation for sin or make it a type of prayer for sinners, souls in purgatory, etc. God uses the suffering.

Many Saints talked about this… and so did Our Lady at Fatima:

On the 13th of June of that year, she appeared again and taught the seers two more prayers, the Decade Prayer and the Sacrifice Prayer. This second prayer was to be said when offering up an action or some suffering in a spirit of Sacrifice.

O Jesus, it is for the love of You, in reparation for the offences committed against the Immaculate Heart of Mary, and for the conversion of poor sinners [Some add here “that I pray/do this”].

God bless


Due to our separation and divorce proceeding, I am very sad to say I will also be alone. Your post brought back fond memories though. My wife and I lived in Tokyo about ten years ago. She attended Waseda and I luckily found work for an Internet start-up in Shibuya. I remember going to this beautiful church but darned if I can remember its name. I believe it was on the JR line station that had tiles of baseballs over crossed bats on the train platform, and that there was a luxury hotel nearby. I fell in love with Japan and would go again in a split second!


No, I’m not alone now but was for many years. No question, it’s rough, downright depressing.

I suggest you call the rectory of the nearest Catholic church and explain your difficulty in getting to Christmas Mass. It’s very likely that they will be able to arrange transportation for you.

And if there’s a coffee hour or social get-together after Mass, get in there and mix!

Another way to spend Christmas under your circumstances is to volunteer to help out at a homeless shelter or organization serving Christmas dinners to the poor. That should certainly mitgate your loneliness, and you would be performing a work of mercy, a nice ‘mitzvah’.!


you owe it to yourself to go to Mass on Christmas at whatever time you can make it. Call or check websites for the schedules and locations–and maps–for churches in your area. At least you will be with other people. In our parish as a visitor or newcomer you will also be called forward for a special blessing and gift, but even if that does not happen, you always know you are welcome and a member of the family in every Catholic church in the world. Offer up your loneliness for all those who have no family to go to, even those over 4 hrs away. That special gift alone can make your holiday worthwhile and be of immense benefit to you and to others.

Keep some small bills in your pocket and hand them out to any street people you see, this is something you are doing for yourself, not for them. Or to Santa or the bell-ringers if you prefer.

This has worked several years when I have been alone (DH had a killer job before he became self-employed) is to find a church, Salvation army, shelter or anyplace that is open for the street people, and volunteer==check the community pages of your local newspaper or its website for locations, call and ask about transportation.

you can also check the bus schedules on line. Call today, because church offices may be closed the rest of the week, and ask about Mass schedules and transportation. We have several people who offer this service, just waiting to be asked.


Yep. First time too. I'll be pretty much on my own except maybe for a little bit of Christmas day. I'm trying not to think about it too much...everybody else in the family has others to celebrate with. I'll try and find some volunteer work or rent a bunch of movies and sleep in and pig out. I'm so burned out from working maybe it's for the best. :rolleyes:


A friend of mine has family here but she always feels alone...since she and her sister barely get along, that's her only family and it makes it hard for her to enjoy the holidays...I don't have any family here...except for my fiance and of course my munchkins!!! But I know that this year we decided to spend it with our friend so she's not so alone...usually every year she's by herself with her son, and that's it...her parents died many years ago... when her son was just a baby...he didn't get to know his grandparents very hopefully this year we can all instead of being alone or feeling alone can help each other out by giving each other a little time together this Christmas and make the season a little better for us all! :D Making friends isn't that easy I know, took me a year to make my first one! :) We are still friends after 2 years...But let me tell you coworkers can be great acquaintenances and friends as well...If you have a connection with a few or one see if theyd be willing to spend a few hours with you on Christmas! :D At least you won't feel so alone...Anything is worth a try! GOD BLESS! Hope you have a wonderful Christmas.


[quote="CountrySinger, post:3, topic:180455"]
I'm not sure if the buses run on Christmas, and that is my only form of transit right now. And cabs are too expensive. I did by some wine, a new Wii game, some cheese, and chocolate, so at least I'll have yummy stuff.


As another poster helpfully pointed out, apparently the buses do run. You must do all in your power to get to Mass on Christmas - what a thoroughly miserable day it would be without it!

(And...if you could afford a new Wii game and some wine...what is it about that cab?)

I pray that it all works out for you, that you get to Mass, meet some wonderful people there and have a blessed day.


Oh CS...please* try to find a way to get to mass for Christmas/Christmas Eve. I will be praying for you. I'm not ''alone'' per se, my husband has to work part of the day (afternoon into evening) and it will be just the kids and me this year. You're in my prayers, CS. :hug1:*


I'm going to be technically "alone" on Christmas too, but I'm ok with it. :) I've had several invites out of town to spend the holiday with family, but my budget and work schedule (and a couple other factors) are in the way. So, I'll be home alone but I do have Christmas Eve and Christmas Day off work. So I'll go spend some time with my dad at the nursing home, go to Christmas Mass, talk to my family on the phone and spend some time with my husband (he's working overseas) over IM/computer chat. I'll probably make a pecan pie and something nice for dinner. Roasted chicken or steak or something. It won't be that bad at all. :)

The best part is, NEXT year I'll be surrounded by family so that keeps me going. :D

[quote="CountrySinger, post:3, topic:180455"]
I'm not sure if the buses run on Christmas, and that is my only form of transit right now. And cabs are too expensive. I did by some wine, a new Wii game, some cheese, and chocolate, so at least I'll have yummy stuff.


The bus in your area runs on Christmas Day, but just on a limited schedule. Most of them operate on a Sunday schedule. The cheese and chocolate sounds nice. :) Do you bake? Baking *always *cheers me up when I'm lonely. And maybe you can make extras for your neighbors, co-workers, etc.


I will be alone too. My divorce is almost final so no one special to spend it with. I had plans lined up, but they fell through this weekend, and I thought I had a Plan B, but it turns out that won’t work out either. My nearest relative is 12 hours away (most are further). I will be going to Mass Christmas Eve and Christmas Day (I’m an usher). It hurts when I think about it, so I try not to think about it. I agree with offering it up… sometimes I forget :blush: but that’s generally what I try to do.


Same boat here but I’m planning on the volunteer work to help me through it. It always helps me at least to give to others…kind of takes you out of self pity mode too when you see others struggle to make it though the holidays and you can actually do something constructive to make their holiday better.


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