Anyone else disgusted with NCRep?

It really upsets me that the reporters for the National “Catholic” Reporter (as well as the commenters) have only bad things to say about the chuch and seem to be adding fuel to the fire. The comments say things like “let us pray for the resignation of Joe Ratzinger” :rolleyes: They have no respect at all for our Holy Father. There is also one written by a young lady which urges everyone to write to the editor of our local newspaper about the abuse in the church in order to keep it in the news. :mad:* so called Catholic commenters also were going after the Bishop of Greensburgh, PA for standing up to a group of women religious who openly supported the health care upsets me the most is that the secular society thinks all Catholics feel the same way? Of course the Associated Press feels NCR is the authority on church issues and likes to use their articles in their stories. :shrug: I guess we can only pray that those who contribute to NCR see the light.

Criticizing the National Catholic Reporter, here at CAF, will earn you few enemies. They have a well earned reputation for for opposing orthodoxy.

As for news media citing the NCR as a Catholic voice, I dunno. I guess the thing to do is to write the reporter and ask that he or she present more balance in Catholic perspective.

The thing that really bothers me about them is not their consistently leftist slant per se. It’s the complete one-sidedness of both the coverage and the editing/selection of comments. There have been 2 or 3 recent major Catholic news stories for which their Comments section was 100% anti-church and pro-radical. The comments were not even close to traditional teaching: complete support of gay “marriage,” total repudiation of Catholic sexual morality, hatred of the entire male hierarchy, etc. And why do I know that the Comments cannot be 100% in agreement with the editorial board? Because twice recently I have submitted comments on at least 2 different major news stories, neither one of which was printed. (They were civil, decent, non-flaming, non-insulting, etc.) I cannot imagine I am the sole dissenter to their very radical positions, yet in the last two stories the editors have become increasingly censorship-inclined. I find that very dishonest.

By contrast, National Catholic Register, which does lean right, nevertheless publishes comments on both sides of the spectrum.

I am increasingly losing respect for National Catholic Reporter. I don’t like propaganda machines from either end.

If I can make a suggestion (humbly of course)… dump the Reporter and subscribe to the Register (National Catholic Register). IMHO, the Reporter is no more a Catholic newspaper than The Watchtower published by the Jehovah’s Witnesses.

The national catholic reporter is a very poor resource for news and catholic thought. I recommend avoiding it. In fact, any news or web resource that supports Call to Action, Joan Chittister, and the like, should be avoided. Do someone’s soul a favor and get them away from this site as well.

NCR can sometimes be confused with the national catholic register. This group seems to be pretty good. It is unfortunate they have the same letters - NCR.

Good points! Thanks for bringing this up.

Another thought I would recommend, the leaders of the national catholic reporter and some of their consistent contributors may not be as catholic as they should. Take their commentary with a “grain of real salt.” Their “salt” has lost its flavor.

There are two broad categories of catholic resources out there on the web and in bookstores. Some are really catholic and some, well, really are not.

I have migrated to seeking news, and catholic thought from media in general (books and the web mostly) that is thoroughly catholic. We just do not have the time to waste on anything other than “the real thing.”

After a few years, I can say I am growing in my faith much faster now. I feel I am on a sure footing - the Rock.

Also, when you hear someone in your parish or neighborhood quote one of these less than catholic resources, say a prayer for them in your heart. Your silence in the conversation will send a clear signal that you do not approve. If asked for your opinion, then you can politely offer some good solid advice.

Strongly suggest dropping use of “NCR” because there are TWO newspapers with the same initials and they have totally different points of view.

The National Catholic Reporter is a far left radical newspaper that was started in the 1960’s.

The National Catholic Register is a traditional Catholic newspaper that was started in the 1920’s.

We need to make distinctions between these two totally different newspapers.

It is my opinion that the founders of the Reporter deliberately chose their name so as to sow as much confusion among the laity as possible.

i bet AP knows that it`s not; but it suits AP to “think” that the NCR is the authority.

Your very last sentence:
Remember our Lord`s parable about the wheat and the tares.
We have to pray for all involved in the subversive…er…publication.

As well as that: there has to be an outlet for J Chittister and co to make their contribution to (so called) global warming.
All we have to do with that publication is believe the opposite of whatever it says.

I’ve read a few pieces by John Allen which weren’t too bad, but I’ve seen other articles posted on their website and some of the comments. Let’s just say I don’t visit that site too often.

John Allen is a reliable, well-informed journalist who regularly produces balanced reporting. He’s the only reason I visit Nat’l Catholic Reporter, unless I follow a link from here.

Not me. I love the NCR. I don’t like every column I read in it, but that’s to be expected. I find it most refreshing to read Catholic thinkers expressing themselves without being sensored by the pezzanovante. Not all Catholics think alike.

Sorry I was not aware there was a National Catholic Register :o and have always seen National Catholic Reporter referred to as NCR in news reports. I mainly just read news on Catholic Online or here but I will definitely have to check it out. Thanks for the info :thumbsup:

Most of the things they print are way off and encourage other Catholics to stray from teaching with topics such as women priest, married priest, homosexual relationships. How do people who openly question and defy the pope call themselves Catholic :confused:

I followed a link on to a news story on NCRep.

I got a message that the site was potentially malicious. :doh2:

This link is safe. It describes the potential problems with

This link is safe. It describes the potential problems with

Nice try. I did click on the actual link:

No bad link, no malicious software.

In line with Sonny’s post, I have revised favorably my opinion of NCReporter since posting negatively about here it a few months ago. It requires some intellectual filtering, but given that warning, many of the contributions in the Comments section are perceptive and excellent. I only do not appreciate any vehicle, online or paper, refusing to publish opinions contrary to the editor’s. I know it has done that at least twice in the last 6 months, though not recently.

Safari still reports it as a “Suspected Malware Site.” :shrug:

Google reports the following about the site:
Has this site acted as an intermediary resulting in further distribution of malware?
Over the past 90 days, appeared to function as an intermediary for the infection of 470 site(s) including,,

Has this site hosted malware?
Yes, this site has hosted malicious software over the past 90 days. It infected 914 domain(s), including,,

How do you know you haven’t been affected by malicious software?

What I know is that neither in Explorer nor in Firefox is it malicious, on two different computers I have used to access that url within 24 hours. Sometimes a site is infected because the particular operating system on a specific computer is being attacked via viruses or whatever. The way to handle that is with reliable anti-viral software for one’s own machine rather than assuming the site will infect other computers.

(I accessed one url on a different Catholic site a few days ago. The link to the article was infected on my home computer, but not on a different computer I used the next day.)

If you took the word Catholic out of the name , it would be very difficult to recognize NCR as a Catholic newspaper, apart from John Allen’s column on the Vatican. It’s actually sort of scary how sad and angry most of the writers and commenters seem to be. It’s depressing to read. There’s just no joy there at all. Commenters refer to Pope Benedict as “the rat” and other much worse names.
There are some good parts to NCR, but the bad greatly outweighs the good.

Reading that stuff makes me work to become a stronger Catholic. I have volunteered to teach RCIA because there is so much hatred, disrespect, and bad teachings within the Church that new Catholics can easily become confused and misinformed. I can’t believe somebody can consider themselves Catholic and be against everything it teaches. The thing I hate the most is the disrespect for our Holy Father such as when they refer to him as “Joe” Ratzinger (which I have read many times in the comments section) :mad:

The browser that you use doesn’t determine if a site contains malware. Antivirus software is not 100% effective. You have no way of knowing if your computer has been compromised.

Does anyone know what their circulation is? How many people they are potentially leading astray?

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