Anyone Else Disgusted?

So Lady GaGa has released a song called “Judas” and it was meant for a Holy Week release but instead it came out one week before Good Friday. Now she has lots of people I know humming and singing “I’m in love with Judas, baby!” Am I the only one disgusted by this?

Add me to the list of disgusted individuals. She’s obviously another Madonna wannabe. :rolleyes:


I remember when Madonna released “Like a Virgin” … I told my son that she was talking smack about the Blessed Mother … he looked at that song very differently after that.

He’s 33 yrs old now and will be attending Holy Thursday Mass w/ me tonight as we have done since he was in high school.

Thank you Jesus.

The less attention we give to these kind of people (Lady who?) the sooner they go away. Yikes…I just violated my own maxim!

It’s just so awful that during Easter people are singing and humming “I’m in love with Judas, baby!” That’s just terrible. The way that I see it is she’s just picking on the religions that won’t fight back at her in a violent way, if she dared make a song about Jews or Islam I’m sure she’d disappear after that.

Funny thing is, she is a Catholic

why anyone listens to anything she sings in beyond me. Shows how easily people can be led astry by mass media.

I feel so saddened by this, I actually like some of her music (I cannot stand the music videos though) It sucks she would come out with something like this.:frowning:

Evidently in name only.

The song is a complete piece of poo as pretty much everything she puts out is, but it’s obviously using the name Judas as a metaphor for someone who has betrayed her in a relationship, so it’s not talking about THE Judas…


It would suck less if she made heavy metal songs,i’m a guitarist.

Hmm. I never thought Madonna’s song was about the Blessed Mother. I thought it was about a loose girl?

Lady Gaga? Pfffft. I seriously could not care less about her. The more attention she gets, the more she will act out like this. I won’t give her the satisfaction of getting upset.

We live in a world with people who have no idea what God is. They do the politically correct thing and think this is so cool. They are lost! Do not worry about them. You are precious in the eyes of our Savior. The mere fact that you are upset, tells us how special you are to Our Lord Jesus. You are a gift. God bless you. I feel the same way. God will bless you and I will be so blest that you came forward with this. You are a gift of God. Never forget this. In the bible it states “Blessed are you when men revile you and persecute you and utter all kinds of evil against you falsely on my account. Rejoice and be glad, for your reward is great in heaven.” (Matt. 5:11-12) Just the fact that you were upset makes you so pleasing in our Saviors eyes. God bless you. I will keep you in my heart. Your are a soldier of God! Love Kathleen

She was raised Catholic, but doesn’t identify as such now.

In her words, she is “a quite religious woman, that is very confused about religion at the same time”

Sorry but with the exception of perhaps Telephone (minus the retarded music video version), I can’t stand her tunes. I mean I don’t even care about how blasphemous she is. Her songs are worse than Justin Bieber’s.


I remember when people were admired for their talent and stuff,instead of using autotune and stuff.

Ouch! I concur though. I’ve never liked pop music in general, but I think she’s one of the special ones who is artistically bad (another one that comes to mind is Kesha). She makes an art out of horrendous music. At least Bieber can blame his age, he doesn’t know any better, 'cause he’s 11 years old or whatever.

[quote=Dale_M]In her words, she is “a quite religious woman, that is very confused about religion at the same time”

I wonder by what definition she could consider herself “religious?” It’s one thing to say spiritual, but the word religion has certain connotations that I just can’t imagine fitting her, from what little I know about her. But it’s a strange world I guess.

You are not alone. I do not wish to give her any publicity, but I do think it is important to pray for her.

Yes, from the clip I got the impression she was trying to say “spiritual, but not religious,” but without actually using that cliché. She said she prayed a lot and believed in Christ, but that all religions are equal and that religions also do a lot of bad, too. Perhaps she was trying to say something which wouldn’t offend her fans, regardless of their own religious attitudes?

@StJudePray4Me - it worked on a young boy at the time. :smiley:

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