Anyone else enjoy the music of Yanni, Enya?

This is truly relaxing music of a pop-classical bent. I don’t understand why it gets classified as New Age. John Tesh is also classified as New Age, but to my knowledge he is very Christian, has performed in many churches, etc. It seems like anytime classical harmonics are used with electronics, it gets categorized under the same label as music for the chakra or tai chi.

I agree–why are these put into the new age category?:confused: I used to like Yanni, but his music is a little boring to me. I play piano and he is outstanding, but just a litle boring. Enya is relaxing…I also like a lot of american indian relaxation type music, with the wooden reed flutes, etc.

I’m not a Yanni fan, but I do like Enya. I put “Celtic” music on at home to relax…I like Hilary Stagg, he was an electrician who became a harp player…love his music. I was at a street fair at San Juan Bautista one year and he was playing…I purchased a couple of his CD’s and the rest is history. His music is beautiful and very soothing…and he was a genuinely nice guy. I spoke with him for about an hour outside his booth…

What about Loreena McKennitt? Anyone like her?

I used to have her Book of Secrets album, which was quite good…except that Highwayman song. I need to find another copy of that CD.

"IT’S SAPPY AND DIPPY AND IT GOES ON AND ONyet somehow it’s strangely soothing…"
–Kyle from South Park

Not I. Too boring for me.

I like both Enya and Loreena McKennitt :thumbsup:

Even more, I like Miriam Stockley, the voice of Adiemus. She is the most amazing female singer I’ve ever heard. If you like Enya & Loreena, you’ll probably like the music of Adiemus as well.

:rotfl: :stuck_out_tongue:


Yanni, way back in the day when he was in college at the University of Minnesota, used to play in a band called “Chameleon” that used to play dances at my junior high! LOL

I love Loreena. She’s probably my favourite musician. She has such a beautiful and versatile voice.

My favourite songs by her are “The Lady of Shallott”; “Lullabye” (a male does the spoken word vocal, a piece by William Blake); and “Dark Night of the Soul” (based on a work by St John of the Cross – my fave part is the chorus: “O night that was my guide, o night more loving than the rising sun…”)

“New Age” as a genre, altho’ originally applied to the whole Aquarian/neo-pagan/tree-hugging music, seems to have expanded to include facets of worldbeat, ambient, even Christian religious, like Gregorian chant or Pachelbel. In some cases it describes the sound, not the subject matter. I’ve seen the following listed as New Age: Loreena McKennitt; Enya; Gregorian chant; Kitaro; Philip Glass; Jean-Michel Jarre; Pachelbel’s Kanon; and any classical music with the sound of a seashore in the distance. :slight_smile:

One main characteristic of New Age music in my experience is that it is very non-threatening. Sort of a spa for the ears. Kumbaya-meets-the-elevator.

It gets classified as New Age because it is meditation-type music marketed for the holistic market. Meditation, by popular standards, is associated with New Age even though formal religions utilize meditation as well.

Since the music is instrumental only there’s no way to determine if the intent of focus for the piece is geared toward Christian mediation, Buddhist, Jewish, and so on, so they seem to throw it under one huge non-denominational blanket.

I’m not good at meditating. I tend to fall asleep. :o
Their music can put me under in a flash because it’s so soothing.

Enya somewhat more than Yanni. I love the silvery, shimmery quality of her voice.


I do enjoy the music of Collective Soul. Anyone else?

Eh no. My sister likes that kind of music, but I like the Blues.

:rotfl: :smiley: Great line!

I’ve always found the music of Enya very uplifting, and it doesn’t intrude on my thoughts the way lots of lyrical/rhythmic music does. My kids like it, too. It really belongs in the “Celtic” category, and we tend to like anything in that genre.

I’m sorry, but PLEASE dont tell me you like “Celtic Woman”–or worse :eek: “Riverdance”

Never heard of Celtic Woman, and never seen Riverdance … so I guess I wouldn’t know?

My musical soul is hardcore Blues. But Chloe Agnew’s Nella Fantasia (from Celtic Woman) is a transcendent piece of music.

If I think “Celtic” give me the Chieftains–or even better, some vintage Makem & Clancy

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