Anyone else feel they've undone the good work from Lent on Sunday?

I had a very fruitful time in Lent. I kept to my goals.
Come Easter Sunday a friend gave me all these chocolates… Argg!! Yes I’m very thankful for the lovely gesture but I have a bit of a problem with eating at times and ate all those chocolates that day!!!:eek:
Then the threshold for sin seemed to have increased and I have been a bit weak ever since. I am looking forward to going to Confession on Friday. I am very disappointed in myself. I feel kind of further away from Jesus than before Lent as before Lent I wasn’t even this bad. It seems that penance in Lent may have lead to a binge afterwards!!!Argg!!!
How I loathe eating problems.
Sorry I really had to get this off my chest and I wonder if I am not alone?
I guess it was my first really productive Lent… I have only had 3 Lents now where I have been fully Catholic. I don’t know what to expect so you are very penitential all Lent then what at Easter… You can’t just let go. Is it weird to want to try and maintain the penitential aspect of Lent all the time. I think I have to, I don’t believe indulgence in anything whether money, food etc is right.

As someone who just inhaled a pack of chocolate…yes. I understand. :slight_smile:

If you still have chocolates, I challenge you to destroy them. Don’t just throw them away, but smash them into the trash can. If they are tempting you it will give you a little boost to take physical control over your temptation by demolishing it.

Hi thanks for understanding! Thank God I’m not the only one.
And thank God there are no more chocolates. I curse the day chocolate was invented… I seriously do, it’s way too addictive.

I get the after Easter Sunday blahs, as well. But, I expect it, so it’s not all that bad for me. It’s easy to overindulge when we’ve denied ourselves something we enjoy all through Lent. You just acknowledge being fallibile and you move on.

We should never be surprised when we take a minor tumble since we all have the same weakness in our nature–the “old” man constantly fights against the “new” man inside us.

As you gain experience in spirituality, you will learn to take such things in stride, all the while feeling you should have known better. That’s a good conscience at work, but don’t fall into being overly scrupulous because that way leads to something even worse–to spiritual pride called despair.

None of us will be perfect until the day we die, so we must constantly give ourselves to God to let him work his grace in us. :slight_smile:

No - thank God for chocolate! If it is a temptation, then you have an opportunity to fight temptation and grow stronger each time it is offered to you. :slight_smile: Don’t lose heart, God allows us to be tested and praises us for every time we fall but then get back up again.

Not to gloat, :p:getholy:but actually I intend to keep my Lenten promises. I promised to pray the Rosay at least once a week and to attend Mass at least twice a week. I enjoyed doing this so much during Lent that I want to keep these new habits and stay closer to God.

Thank you both. Your replies have really helped.
Absolutely agree about how it’s a reminder of our fallibility. I am thankfully not in despair though just a bit upset at myself, I guess its brought me back to reality, which is probably what I needed. I read somewhere that God may allow us to sin because it makes us more humble. Very very true indeed. I guess it’s just a reminder to me just how much I need God ALL the time.

I dont think what has happened is funny in any way as my mum thought it was.
To me when I think about it what happened may have been a blessing from God because it’s made me see again, just how frail I am in my own strength.

I would try to give them away instead of destroying them … maybe to a homeless people if you live in a city? :slight_smile: (or to somebody who doesn’t hav e a problem with chocolate…) :wink:

I too have big problems with chocolates.So to get rid of the chocolate problem what I think you can try doing is substitute with some other item.Like last 2 weeks I have substituted my chocolate intake with grapes:thumbsup:
Gradually I think one can bring it under control

I don’t think you have undone the good you have done.
Craving something after denying oneself is a natural bodily reaction, isn’t it? We’re human and it happens. We can learn and find ways to prevent it in the future. But I don’t think it ruined what you did for Lent. It may have a bit ruined your joy of eating chocolates again though;) if you felt sick afterward…
Just anothe rlesson learned. Maybe there is gain in this too? :slight_smile:

Yes thank you for the replies.
True that there is always a lesson to learn when we fall.
Abin- it’s hard to substitute if they’re given as a gift you feel inclined to enjoy it… But this is where moderation comes in as it can be easy to eat it all quickly because of the addictiveness of the chocolate!! Yes chocolate is good but sometimes too good. These were Lindt chocolates and they are fine chocolates that melt in the mouth…

A funny story about chocolate. I was at Costco one day going down an aisle in which a gal was giving samples of some food item (I forget what). I light-heartedly said something like, “That’s good, we buy that, but I prefer chocolate.” The gal replied enthusiastically, “Chocolate!” Then I said, “Dark chocolate.” To which she said, “Yeeeeessss!” It just goes to show one can be tempted to “gluttony” anywhere at anytime. :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

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