Anyone else get these nightmares?

I had a really disturbing nightmare a few evenings ago, and a follow-up to it a couple of evenings later. Oddly enough, I think it was a response to my praying the Rosary right before bedtime. I’m not one to normally have bad nightmares; of the few dreams I actually remember, only a few of those were unpleasant, and even then in a more frustrating way than frightening way (Example: it’s midnight and my boss still won’t let me go home)

This one, though, was totally different from anything I had experienced in a very, very long time. :confused:

Note: I’m going to describe these two nightmares. Please understand that these were terrifying to me while I was having them. They might scare you, too. I’m hoping someone here can shed some light because, quite frankly, I think I was visited by a demon those two nights.:frowning: I think I may have also seen my guardian angel.

First nightmare:
I was in a rather bland room. Standing across the room from me was a little blonde girl about 8 years old. She was wearing a floor-length white gown.

She had no neck. Literally. Her head was floating about six inches above the rest of her body. Her eyes were jet, solid black with glowing red veins criss-crossing them. Her face was contorted into some sort of hideous, mocking expression. She was looking at me.

Then she spoke. Her voice was awful. Not like “The Exorcist”, but deeper and raspier. Worse.

I felt unbridled terror. As if my very soul were in danger if I did not get away from this girl.

She poked fun at my praying the Rosary before bedtime. She wanted to know if I seriously thought God was listening, and if I actually bought “the lies those fools that call themselves ‘The Church’ were telling the world”. You’re smarter than that, she scolded.

At this point a very tall robed figure stepped between me and the little girl. I only came up to what must have been the mid-thigh level; the Robed One must have been fifteen feet tall. The robes were beige, and I saw a white belt of rope whose end hanged down to my eye-level. I never looked up to see the face or head of the Robed One. I just clung to the robe like a child would cling to his mother’s skirt. As I clung, the fear began to subside.

The little girl then tried to walk around the Robed One to see me. She continued to talk, but I no longer was listening. I couldn’t make out her words; I just clung to the robes and felt protected. After what felt like a minute or so after the Robed One stepped into the dream, I felt I was gently pushed into the robe. The dream faded and I awoke.

Second nightmare, two nights later:
Again I’m in a bland room. The walls, floor, and ceiling are all such a bright white that you can’t tell where the floor ends and the walls begin. There is no furniture, only a large skylight overhead in the ceiling. The sky was a deep, evening twilight blue.

The girl with the floating head was back. She was floating in front of the skylight, looking down at me.

That feeling of terror was back as well. Evil itself was looking at me.

Again she spoke in that horrendous voice. “Still praying, fat boy? I thought I told you it was pointless! You should be studying instead of worring about this superstitious [expletive deleted - what comes out of the rear end of a bull]! I’m warning you, I know what scares you.”

At this she disappeared. A bolt of lightning flashed across the skylight, followed by a LOUD blast of thunder, as if lightning had just struck the house.

(Note: When I was a kid, thunder used to scare the wits out of me. For some reason I always thought of it as the Devil coming to take me away to Hell. The louder the thunder, the closer he was. To this day, middle-of-the-night thunderstorms make me uneasy. I still put either my pillow or my blankets over my head when a loud thunderstorm rolls through in the middle of the night; a part of me still believes Satan is right outside the window with each blast of thunder.)

I couldn’t look away from the skylight as a second and third bolt of lightning flashed by, and thunder shook the room.

At this point, I heard an encouraging voice say “Be strong! I am with you!” I couldn’t identify it. It was a neutral, androgynous voice.

As I continued to look at the skylight, the lightning came faster and faster, and the blasts of thunder became one loud, deafening roar. After about ten seconds, the entire skylight was filled with a blinding bluish-white light from so much lightning. I squinted but did not look away. When the light from the skylight finally faded, so did the dream. Then I woke up.

Anyone else here ever get nightmares like this? What really spooked me was that the little demon girl was in both dreams. And that feeling of heart-stopping terror in the middle of each dream when she spoke.:confused:

That’s freaky! and scary!
Well, be strong, God is with you always.
Just remember to pray if it happened again, of course the evil ones won’t be happy if you pray to God.

I only could tell my mum’s experience. Her house is 3 storeys, 1st and 2nd storey are used for her business (japanese restaurant) and the third storey is the bedroom & living room.

She’s active in the Catholic Neighbourhood Group, so usually once a year there’ll be mass in her house. Once, after the mass was celebrated in her house, the air-con in the 2nd storey switched on everynight for few days, no one did it. After that, she prayed Rosary in that room, and that evening the air-con in her bedroom couldn’t be switched on for few days. No one can explain what happened.

My experience isn’t about dream and not as bad as yours.
Few days ago, I was awakened at 4.44 am, and usually I’d be able to sleep again, but that morning, I couldn’t and I sensed ‘something’. I remember feeling very, very scared and asked God to help me. After half an hour, I still couldn’t get back to sleep and feeling scared. So I prayed Rosary and did meditation. After that, I felt better and able to sleep. I believe there was something in my room that day, but I’m glad I could overcome it. :slight_smile:

It’s why I created a thread about saints & devil few days ago.

I have had feelings of somthing/someone in our bedroom on occasion. Have either of you blessed your bedrooms & house with Holy Water? Or perhaps have a Priest come over & give a blessing?

Either way, be strong. God will help and protect you.:thumbsup:

Yupe, the house that I’m staying has been blessed and I keep 3 bottles of Holy Water in my bedroom and usually I sprinkle the Holy Water around my bed before I sleep. :smiley:

Get out the sacramentals! Sprinkle Holy Water all around your bedroom, and house, and bless yourself with it before bed. Sleep with a blessed object (like a rosary or crucifix or medal). And go to confession. I have had similar type experiences, and remaining in a state of grace, while using the power of sacramentals really seems to help. That and a lot of prayer. Make sure you pray every night before you go to bed, and ask your guardian angel to protect you through the night. I hope some of this helps.

Does this consider superstitious? I’ve been thinking about it since I start to sprinkle Holy Water around my bed.

And go to confession.

Do you mean normal confession? Because I couldn’t find anything sinful by having such dream/experience.
Sorry, if I do sound dumb. :stuck_out_tongue:
Exam stress.

No, waking up scared isn’t a sin! But maybe there is a little bit of sin on your soul that you’d do well to bring to confession (even if it’s venial). Maybe you have a little unforgiveness, or a certain weakness you’ve been giving into lately. I try to go to confession at least once a month–after all, I don’t want to die with more than a month’s worth of sins on my soul :slight_smile: And also going frequently 1)helps you to remember what sins you had trouble with, and 2)you’ll find that your “list” of sins gets shorter!

We meet Jesus in two of our sacraments: Holy Eucharist and Confession. We try to be with Him as often as possible in the Holy Eucharist, so why not want to be with Him in the sacrament of Confession too? When we go to Confession we are not just talking to a priest–we’re talking in a very special way to Jesus Himself.

As for holy water being superstitious, it’s a Church-approved sacramental. I would highly recommend having your house officially blessed by a priest or deacon though. We had our house blessed, exorcised (we weren’t aware of any demonic problems, but it was offered and we accepted ;)), the Two Hearts enthroned, and had Mass at our house all in one go. Afterwards there was an amazing sense of peace in our home for about a week, and now when anyone comes to visit they remark about how peaceful it is in our house. I can’t imagine what happened with your mom’s home Mass experience! Mine was just the opposite. Maybe next time the priest can bless the house before Mass or before he leaves, even if the house has been blessed before.

No, the holy water is not a superstition, it is a sacramental. See here for more info on what they are and why to use them.
Confession keeps you in a state of grace. It is harder for evil things to affect you when you are in a state of grace. What happened is not sinful, it is just something else to do to keep any evil away. Evil is real, the Bible plainly states that demons exist. Why make it easier for them by being in a state of sin? That’s all I meant.

Wow. I had some bad ones too, but not quite the same. Mine were worse.

Dont worry because in worry we display weakness and a lack of trust in God’s protection.

St Michael might be a good idea now.

Dont stop the Rosary on this “demand” being made of you. Say it louder.
Say it more.

Very interesting dreams, CS. From the sound of it, you may be destined for something great, and therefore something evil has an interest in literally scaring you away from your faith. But it also seems you have protection :smiley:

Worst nightmares I get are dreaming I’m back in college, and it’s time for midterms or finals, and I haven’t been to a class and don’t have a clue what’s going on. I think that’s guilt over dropping out of school and never finishing my music ed. degree (and that in spite of the fact that I did later get a BA and MA in another topic).


A friend had a very similar experience the night she failed to wear her St. Michael medal.

My prayers are with you!

You are coming to the attention of the devil through your interior life…you are worthy of his attention so to speak…

use your sacramentals, do not forget to ask for assistance with your guardian angel…

if you wake up with heart hammering, wildeye etc. a pater noster, and a ave maria will calm you.God is always with you!

read a book about the saints…many were bedeviled in this way

You should read St. John Bosco’s Forty Dreams.

Many of the saints used to be attacked by the devil in their dreams. Padre Pio was one.

Do not be discouraged. Hold a rosary or Bibke on your chest when you go to sleep.

My brother and I lived in a side by side duplex many years ago (he in one side, I in the other). Ironically, we both experienced a dream on at least two occasions with what we believed was the devil present and in our midst. We both were on fire with our faith at that time and after speaking and praying about it decided it must have been his way of scaring us away from God or Gods way of telling us we must continue on as were becoming a threat to the devil. We were praying the rosary daily, fasting sometimes 3x a week, and reading scripture as well at that time in our life. Its hard to interpret for you but we believed at the time that God permitted it so that we would continue in the spiritual battle. The only way we could stop the dream was to say calmly over and over JESUS. Hope this helps.

I think nightmares are fairly normal. But repeating or frequent nightmares may be a sign of bigger problems. Demons or Satan most likely wants us to think that our faith is useless, but it is by far our best protection. Next time you get such a nightmare, call upon your guardian angel and St. Michael in particular, or simply call out the name of Jesus to protect you.

Nightmares are nothing more than manifestations of our worst fears, BUT we know God and his helpers can overcome any demons even Satan. All we need to do to overcome evil is to invoke His Holy Name or call upon His angels or saints to assist us. When we’re asleep we may forget to do this, but being more aware of it in our waking moments will arm us in our subconcious moments as well.

One thing about dreams, is that we can have some control over what happens in our dreams. We can call up whatever assistance our imagination can think of. Unlike reality, there are no limits to what we can call upon.

There was a study about a tribe in Africa that was thought to be among the most stable psychologically. Mental illness among the tribe was almost unheard of. Their elders taught the kids to confront their nightmares, by telling them to imagine having help from powerful helpers or powerful weapons. If a child had a nightmare, they were encouraged to dream the same dream again and this time confront the nightmare with help or superhuman powers.

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