Anyone else getting anti-Catholic email?


I’m posting this after seeing a thread here about someone getting one, and I was at Dave Armstrong’s site where he got one as well. I was wondering if there is some kind of coordinated anti-Catholic let’s-make-arses-of-ourselves email campaign going on.



Wow, this is awful. I haven’t had any anti-Catholic emails yet, and I pray I don’t get any. No one should get any of those. I pray you don’t get any others. :mad: Report them!


None yet. Thankfully. Even if I get one, sending it to the trash bin is the best thing to do. Good riddance to garbage.


I haven’t received any. I probably won’t read it if I do, I only like to read emails that I get from people I know or people who visit my website.


I guess I’m not important enough or considered enough of a threat:crying:

Either that or my blockers are working well:thumbsup:


I have thousands of Church Fathers’ quotes saved in my files. If I get an A/C e-mail, that individual will be reading them for a year! :smiley:


I have not gotten any eMails, but that is due to not giving out my eMail.

All boards I belong to, my eMail is private and I have the “Receive Email from Other Members” not checked. Even the one I manage (MSN Group), all eMails go through the Manager’s path to me.



Yeah, I used to get anti-Catholic garbage when I was at this Christian-Faith group after I told them I was converting to Catholicism!:mad:


I did get some when I first got onto the internet, but spam blockers took care of most of those. I got a few from people who must have gotten my name from websites I had joined, such as the DCF one. But, I simply wrote telling the person that I didn’t want any more emails from them and they stopped coming. I haven’t received any others for a long time now, thanks be. Probably because I’m not worth their time and energy. :wink:


I got some a few months ago. These emails were calling the Pope the anti-christ, and the catholic church the whore of babylon.

I got a few like this, but then I finally replied “Get thee behind me Satan”. And haven’t received any since.



[quote=MariaG]I guess I’m not important enough or considered enough of a threat:crying:


Me either! :hmmm:


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