Anyone else getting baptised on the Easter vigil?

Hi all,

I’m currently nearing the end of my RCIA journey and getting baptised baptised on the Easter vigil and I’m wondering if anyone else is too. Also, if anyone got baptised as an adult in years past, could you please describe your experiences for us all? It would be much appreciated.
I’m a 38 yr old man that’s like a child who is full of excitement and joy to experience this beautiful sacrament!

God bless you all!

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I was baptised three years ago - it is a beautiful experience, and for me, created a special tie to the Easter celebration that I feel pulling at my heart every year.

It was very emotional and overwhelming and truthfully, I don’t remember much. I was very nervous - not a fan of crowds and didn’t now what to expect. I remember when I was confirmed the pastor shook my hand, leaned in and said, “OK, now you can breathe.” I guess I had not been doing much of that.

But it was a wonderful experience. Enjoy it. And welcome home!

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Thank you so much for sharing casslean. I am by nature a shy person myself, particularly with large crowds as well but oddly enough I have no anxiety over the prospect of having the Church focusing on our small group of catechumens, just excitement. I have interpreted that as my destiny of becoming one of God’s own.

Me! I’m excited about it but also nervous, the whole congregation looking at me is kinda scary! I’m the only one being baptised, there is one lady getting confirmed as well, but just the two of us doing it.


The interesting thing is that in my Church, there were no adult baptisms for nearly 10 years I think. This year there are 9 of us!

Yeah I’m the first in years too, hopefully we’ll start a new trend of people coming in, and there will be people next year as well


Absolutely! God willing.


I was not baptized in the Catholic Church but I was confirmed in 2007 so this will be my 11th anniversary. :slight_smile: and my wife’s 6th anniversary.

Tiber Swim Team 2007!


I was baptized into the Methodist church at 16 but am being confirmed in the Catholic Church at the Easter Vigil. I’m a 44 year old kid this week. :slight_smile:

I’ll say a prayer for all of us coming home this week.

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My husband was received into an Eastern Catholic church in his 50’s. We opted for a private baptism because there were other deficiencies (or whatever they call it). He was baptized, full immersion and given a white robe. Then he was charismated and so was I (I received baptism as in infant in the Roman church). Then our marriage was crowned.

We are both 2014 Orontes swim team members

Welcome Home!

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