Anyone else have difficulties watching movies like Exorcism of Emily Rose, etc?

I realize that these are media and biased creations.

However, and maybe it’s because I internalize certain books or movies somewhat, I can hardly bear to watch or read certain books, not because I don’t believe in them, but because I do. Obviously, some things are nothing more than ‘entertainment’, but based on enough truth that it is disturbing. Having had experiences that Hollywood would dramatize to something extreme, I can see the basis and enough truth in these stories of ‘fiction’ that it bothers me.

I don’t like scary movies, mostly because of blood, gore, killings, etc. However, I am almost ‘scared’ of movies like the Exorcism, because of the iota of truth.

Yes, I’m watching the Exorcism of Emily Rose right now…and I am thankful for the commercials and the distraction while I try to watch it.

So, is it just me?

A real Catholic priest was a consultant for the original “The Exorcist”. The movie was based on a true story. Emily Rose is also based on a true story. Both of these films, among others, unlike most “horror” films, point to the very real battle between Good and Evil and in the end show a very Catholic perspective of God’s victory over Satan. That being said, the subject matter is disturbing by its very nature and you certainly aren’t obliged to watch these films.

Hi! I don’t especially like watching those kinds of movies, either. I’m wondering if they bother you, why watch them?

I can’t watch them either. Even when I ‘just’ read about them on the Internet or something, I get afraid. I “know” it’s not possible, but I’m afraid that the demon that possessed them is going to jump through the screen and into me and that by reading it I am inviting it or something. I know in my mind it is not true, but I can’t help it! :shrug:

I get creeped out, too. I wonder if my reaction would be different if I weren’t religious.:shrug:

In my case at least, it’s probably due to morbid fascination.:o

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