Anyone else have underconvergence?


So I’ve been suffering from terrible eyestrain, headaches, sometimes double vision, and it turns out I have underconvergence.

Vision therapy is going to set us back quite a bit. Anyone have this or know of a “home therapy” program?


ok, I can’t stand not knowing …what is this? I swear I have never heard of it before - and you know me, if I have never heard of it before I must LEARN OF IT NOW NOW NOW…just kidding.

Seriously, what is it?


Quickest way to describe it is that it is the opposite of being crosseyed. I guess there’s a little more to it than that, but that’s basically the gist.

Not very exciting, huh? Just kind of frustrating that vision plan says health should cover it and health plan says vision should cover it, and the vision therapy isn’t exactly cheap. At 2500 I guess it could be a whole lot worse though. Just not a 2500 we were planning to have to spend this year, ya know? And there’s no guarantee it will actually help. :frowning:


Did you get this diagnosis from an ophthalmologist?



I strongly suggest that you go to see an opthamologist. We went to an optomotrist for my son a few weeks ago, and he had me convinced that my son needed vision therapy for 12-18 months, or he would be in danger of losing his sight in his eye. I was a little curious about his “hard sell” tactics with me, and the fact that he told me not to call the insurance company to see if this treatment would be covered. I did some research and e-mailed my son’s pediatrician.

Here’s the response that my pediatrician gave:

“Optometrists will say the exercises help with conditions, but ophthalmologists, like ________, will say it is a waste of time and money. It’s not cheap, the eye guy here in town that does the “exercises” charges a lot. I had one patient say he wanted like $100 a week or so for treatments 2-3 times per week. There is no scientific evidence that has shown that these exercises do anything.”

I took my son to the pediatric opthamologist yesterday, and he said the his problem is minor and that we could do exercises at home to help him strenghten his eye muscles at no charge. He also says that the glasses that the optomotrist gave my son 15 months ago have made his problem worse.

I’m not implying that your problems are minor, but before you shell out a load of money, check with an opthamologist!


The person I saw is an opthamolagist. I know there is a problem because my eyes just hurt ALL the time and I have to concentrate to make objects come into focus, but maybe I should try to see someone else for a second opinion. He did say glasses aren’t effective for correcting it.

I also need glasses for nearsightedness. It could be a good idea to hold off treatment until I see how my eyes feel after wearing those for driving.


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