Anyone else having this problem?


You know how when you put your cursor on a topic it shows what the first post says, well I am having that first post show on pages when there is no topic to show it … just in the middle of a prayer … and many times on the topics themselves, but not when I have my cursor on it. Anyone else having this problem?


clear cookies, close browser (and all tabs) and see if that helps. That seems like a cache problem to me.


Thank you so much.


Yes, me too. Random paragraphs popping up.


Well I just cleared my cookies as was suggested … don’t know if it helped though.


Ditto. We’ll see if it helps!


Looks like it might have helped … will know for sure by tomorrow.


Didn’t fix the problem … still having a problem with content from other threads showing up in a box in a different thread.


I’ve had that happen a few times, too. It’s generally short-lived, though, so it hasn’t bothered me too much. Do you find the paragraph is staying on your screen for long periods of times? Usually, I just try to refresh the page or go to a different topic and then it goes away.


Yes, the paragraph just sits there … I have to go to another screen to get rid of it.


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