Anyone else here, believe in God, but not Prayer

Just wondering ,

If anyone else here knows, there is a God, or believes in God, is Catholic, but does not believe in a intervening God with personal prayer. I often feel that Prayer is mostly just babbling. I think life has rounded me now, where I do not believe in the power of prayers. 

Or a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, but I do know that God exist

Prayer can be different for each person, and in different forms.

How do you talk to God? How do you build your relationship with Him? That’s my prayer. I’ve received so many answers due to prayer, either to something that happens afterwards, or even during that prayer time!

Prayer has changed me.

God bless you,

Remember that the prayer will receive grace according to his commitment(which is grace).

So, in other words, you need to pray so that you can pray better.

When you read the gospel? What does Jesus do often, even though he is God, he most definitely is always taking time away from the world and praying to the Father in peace.

Jesus shows us what we ought to do in life, just as he did not need baptism, he prayed always, and for his disciples, by example – so learn the importance of prayer, it’s not just asking God for favors.

There are many types of prayers, that don’t require you to ask petitions – you can silently reflect on God, his glory, and not even have to talk.

Here is Bishop Fulton Sheen’s “Prayer is a Dialogue”

He says vocal prayer is like going to God on foot, meditation we go to God on horseback, and contemplation we go to God in jet. So prayer need not be babble. You can meditate on the mysteries of Christ, and Christ’s life, or even commit yourself daily to say * thank you God*, for everything: Like when you eat, or when you wake up in the morning.
Read the life of the Saints, and you’ll find that prayer is essential to your daily life, even if you know God exists.

Read about St Teresa of Avila’s life. She is very compelling and lovable. This is one small glimpse she had to say about prayer.
“For mental prayer in my opinion is nothing else than an intimate sharing between friends; it means taking time frequently to be alone with him who we know loves us. The important thing is not to think much but to love much and so do that which best stirs you to love. Love is not great delight but desire to please God in everything.”*

Prayer is a discipline that we have to work at in our spiritual life, so do not neglect it…Knowing God exists is not enough. and a personal connection to Christ goes hand in hand with prayer.
So if you don’t like to vocalize your prayers then focus on the other forms the meditative, the contemplative, and thanksgiving (avoid the new age centering prayer which is not the same thing)
Learn about the saints’ examples of prayers, but next time when you say your hail marys, remember that Pope John Paul II said any time a truth is uttered in this world, it brings down God’s graces from Heaven.
Even a natural truth! Like 2+2 =4…

this is why actively saying prayers is also important, which is why the Rosary is as powerful as it is, because it’s a combination of contemplative, meditative and vocal prayer.

Here’s a collection of quotations of the saints on Mental Prayer

[quote=VyMajoris]So, in other words, you need to pray so that you can pray better.

:thumbsup: Definitely. We all can Ask the Lord and Mary to improve our prayer lives, and we will get graces.

I learned from a priest, that if we ask God on behalf of ourselves (or our neighbors): “Lord, increase my humility, increase my faith, hope,” or “help to grow in chastity, patience, in charity etc”** these are infallible prayers! **

One can be certain the graces are coming…

Some would argue that praying for something in our lives cannot change the mind of God as His mind is always towards the good which itself does not change.
But Christ himself told us to pray and gave us the Lord’s prayer which is full of asking.
So I pray selfishly and continuously relying on my status as a lowly member of His household. I also rely on the intercession of His Mother, as, being a lawyer,I can recognize power when I see it ( and Her love).
I am more worried about your statement about not having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. You do not know what you are missing!! He is a wonderful God personally loving me the completely undeserving. I revel in it frankly, and hope that this might be your first prayer.
This relationship is what Faith is all about! What is Faith without the cuddle?
Your faith is like dry biscuits! I will pray for you immediately that you can join in the joy of the intellectual certainty of our personal son-ship with God through our Baptism.
I am not talking about an emotional feeling. I personally have never had a religious emotional feeling in my life. But I wear the ring and the sandals with pride.

What is prayer , its talking to God, like your best friend. If you have a friend do you ignore them, or do you talk to them.

If you believe in God, you believe in a person. Why would you not want a relationship with that divine person, who created you and sustains you? A relationship is reciprocal. God does not need our prayers to be God, but he desires us to reciprocate for our own good. He desires us to know him, love him and serve him.

If the president knocked on your door would you answer it? Why then would you not give God your ear and speak with him? If God creates us and desires a relationship of love with us, we have a duty to reciprocate.

Worship and prayer are justice toward God who we owe everything to.
It is right and just to give God thanks and praise.

I’m kinda with the original poster. I believe in God but I think he is really busy and I wouldn’t want to bother him with my daily life. I’m saving my prayers for something really important, like a sick child.
I do thank and praise God in church and by trying to live a moral life, but I never got the “personal relationship” thing.

Not praying is pride.

Not praying for ourselves is a belief that God exists but that we don’t need him. Praying for other people but not for ourselves is a belief that those other poor people need God more than we do.

I used to be just like that. I used to make excuses for not praying - that God was too busy to hear my prayers - but it was an excuse for self reliance based on pride, that I was OK without God and that I really didn’t need God. Then I came to realize who God really was and who I was, and through that realized how much I do need God, and so I began praying.

Not praying is self reliance. Not praying is pride. Not praying is making yourself out to be equal to God. As they say, “Good luck with that. Let me know how it works out.”


Just remember that God wants you to pray to Him. If it takes a sick child to bring you to prayer…:shrug: I know God’s ways are far above our ways, but if it were me I’d be concerned if this is what it would take to get me to pray. Just an honest thought, not trying to sound like God is up there ready to strike us down.

Nice points but I defiantly don’t think of it as pride, rather humility. And just for the record, it was what I was taught in my years of Catholic grade school back in the seventies. We were told never to pray for stupid things, God is way too busy for that.

I still pray but it is not for stuff rather more of thanksgiving and praise. I just haven’t gone to the belief of a “personal relationship” with God. I’ve never had Him answer me yet…but I still go to church and follow all the rules I can.

I’ll give what you said some thought but:rolleyes: we each pray differently and while I don’t think what you do is necessarily wrong…just different.

Before feeling the presence of God at a Catholic Mass I attended entirely on a whim, I was on a handful of anti-anxiety and anti-depressant medications. I was in a really bad place.

Prayer has replaced all of them and my problems are now gone. Even before I started attending church and RCIA, I started praying. At the most desperate time of my life, a combination of reading the works of Saint Maximilian Kolbe, G.K. Chesterton, and plain old prayer in which I talk to God and ask for intercession from the Saints, saved me. If I had continued down the path of drug abuse and depression on which I felt trapped, I might not be here today. I truly believe in the power of prayer and especially the rosary.

“Personal relationship” is perhaps one of the more misrepresented concepts in Christianity. “Personal” does not mean a cozy relationship among equals, or an exclusive relationship in which we make the rules, or two guys hugging around a campfire. I’m not sure why “personal” conjures up so much distaste and anxiety with Christians.

“Personal” recognizes that God is a person, a divine person, in fact three persons in one as a Trinity. God identifies himself as “I am”, using what we call a personal pronoun. God is not a book or a dogma, he is a person, in fact he becomes a human person in Jesus Christ, who is true God and true man. “God sent his only Son”.
“Personal” also recognizes that we are human persons created by him. We are made in the image of God. A tree is an inanimate object, so cannot have a personal relationship with God.

We have a relationship with God whether we like it or not. It’s on us to acknowledge God’s existence and acknowledge that we need his help, forgiveness, grace. God wants us to know him, love him, serve him. Scripture is full of language reinforcing that God “knows” us.
Our highest calling is to be known and loved by God and to reciprocate. Does God give us anything we ask for like a vending machine? Of course not. But God is life itself, so what we need… is to know and trust him, and the rest will be added, as he wills, for our good.

I used to feel the same way sort of. But it has become obvious to me that prayer does work. I’ve seen it transform peoples lives and ive seen people healed. A more objective area where the witnessing of the efficacy of prayer can be observed is during the rite of exorcism.

This made me think of what a priest said to me one time. I was pregnant with my fith baby after 4 miscarriages and he was giving me a blessing for expectant mothers. I kind of jokingly asked if it was guaranteed to work. He said prayer always works, even if we don’t get what we want we get what we need. So, even if my baby died I’d be given extra graces to accept God’s will. He was definitely right. As hard as it’s been to lose eight babies I’ve learned to be much more dependent on God and that is a GREAT blessing.

God communicates to us by our default energy, we communicate with God by using our own energy for love and goodness.

Humility is knowing our proper place in the order of creation. God is the creator. We are the creatures. You need God for everything. That is humility.

Pride is when you think you are higher in the order of things than you are. Believing that you don’t need God is pride. You need to pray for yourself. Not praying for yourself is neglect of your soul. You need to pray just like the Apostles in the boat…

***And they went and woke him, saying, “Master, Master, we are perishing!” And he awoke and rebuked the wind and the raging waves; and they ceased, and there was a calm. *(Luke 8:24)

Not praying for yourself is a shipwreck of your soul waiting to happen.

I don’t know what Catholic school you went to or what they taught you but God is not too busy for any prayer. Whomever taught you that God is too busy to hear our prayers is dead wrong. I’ve spent $120,000 in Catholic School tuition over the past 12 years to have my daughters educated by Dominicans. You need to ask for your money back.


I’m sorry you’ve had to go through that. May God Bless you as you share in Christs suffering.

A couple of great points in your post :slight_smile:

Have you read the CCC section on prayer? It’s pretty extensive.

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