Anyone else in central MD looking at snow!


Our first snow of the season!

Tomorrow is St. Nicholas, so setting shoes out on a snowy night is extra fun. My kids are older, but I still like the first snow :slight_smile:


How fun! :slight_smile:


I am looking at snow…and a lot of car accidents! I witnessed one coming into work today. I am so scared to drive home. I got into an accident in January during a snow storm. :frowning:


Snowing to beat the band outside my window in Tysons. Very few people at the office.

WTOP says that’s it’s snowed in the DC area 4 times in the last 6 years on December 5th! Go figure - we should have been ready!


i’m looking at it in VA. i screamed it is snowing!!! we’re so excited. we bought boots after mass this morning.:thumbsup:


We’ve got it in SoMD, but it’s not supposed to last.:frowning: My kids would give anything to go sledding! They’ve been given an extra long “recess” here at our homeschool, so they can get it while they can!


Where if SoMD do you live, if you don’t mind me asking? I was born and raised down there.


I’m looking at snow too. I was driving in central PG county on my way to work and saw an accident…ridiculous… I’m from Ohio, and the tiny amount of wet snow we got today would barely even qualify as snow, yet when MD gets a trivial amount of snow, everyone forgets how to drive and starts smashing into each other…

I mean, come on, the roads are barely even slippery yet…there isn’t even any ice…this is nothing…


I keep making excuses to go to the windows out in the hall. I work in Bahlmer City, hon. Beautiful snow fall. I love it when it sticks to the tree branches like this.


I’m in DC and we got snow! Lol, I was excited esp. since my fam in the northeast also got snow (albeit, more than we did).


Columbia is beautiful, lots of pretty snow. Roads are fine so far.


Here in the panhandle of WV the roads are covered and we have almost 3 inches on the deck so far. This place battens down until the last flake falls, then the road crews go out. We are not in a big hurry for anything around here. My wife was in traffic this morning outside of Winchester, VA because of an accident. It’s like some cars flip over by themselves when the first flake hits the road. :rolleyes: Tim



Not fair. Nope. Not fair at all.

We are in the middle of a cold front ourselves. This means that the high is under 80. At night the natives freeze in the low temp of 55.

"The sun is shining, the grass is green. The orange and palm trees sway…"

For those who don’t know, that’s the opening line of “I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas.”


Yes, where in MD do you all live. We moved down here to the state of no seasons from there. We lived in Lexington Park and I was in the choir at Immaculate Heart of Mary.


Just got a call from the school. They let the kids out 2 hours early and they had not showed up yet. Apparently the bus went sideways on a slick hill a mile from my house. All the kids are fine. The bus is stuck and they are shuttling kids home via 4 x 4. I don’t know why they refuse to put on chains around here. Waiting for the little one to get home now. Tim


I live in AA Co. - near BWI. —KCT


WOW! I don’t belong to IHM myself, but sometimes we’ll go on weekdays. We’ve gone there for lots of homeschool functions and the priests there are so supportive and good.
Are you military? Where if FL are you?


i just moved from the land of no seasons and don’t miss it at all. we had a blast in the snow. didn’t last long but it was fun:)


Wow! That’s in St. Mary’s where I grew up…small world! I live near Brandywine now, but I grew up in Mechanicsville, toward the northern end of the county. My dad’s side of the family has been in St. Mary’s since the Ark and the Dove. I’m a decendent of Lord Calvert!


I live in Catonsville myself, and attend St. Agnes, but grew up in the Glenelg area of western Howard County.

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