Anyone else like Anthony Comstock?


You know, the fellow who passed the Comstock Laws (laws against sexually obscene material and contraception) back in the 1800s? It lasted for a good 80 years or so.

Wikipedia article here for those who wanna see.

For 80 years, Comstock and all those after him kept pornography, the *Playboy *magazines of their time, contraception, and abortion from the masses - unless they wanted to make those things themselves and keep them to themselves. The United States took a definitive stance on what was morally right regarding obscenity.

Opponents to Comstock’s laws will argue, and understandably so, that the laws also barred people from anatomical encyclopaedias, medical journals, and non-pornographic nudity that actually helped people. (It did not help that Comstock was himself often in charge of censorship.) Also, some claim that the Comstock laws actually didn’t suppress much immorality. People still bought contraceptive drugs and sought illegal abortions (many women died because of the latter).

I do not like that many women died or suffered from the after effects of illegal abortion, and that genuinely educational material was censored. But I also do not like that millions are being killed through abortion and millions more are being dragged into Hell.

For the sake of our souls, the Comstock Laws (or something akin to them) should be revived. Done tactfully and with due discretion, censorship laws could do this country some major good.


The internet is one problem. Censoring the internet would be giving way too much power to the federal government or any individual or political party. I’m afraid the horse is too far out of the barn to bother trying to lock the door now.


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