Anyone else not have HD TV?

I am very saddened watching The Office every week and someones face is either not in the frame or quite cut-off on the sides of my screen. I know I need to update here and there, the TV is not broke, why fix it? Just needed to vent, technology is coming out so frequent, so buying and catching up is not wise or financially feasible right now. Oh Blah!

You can watch new episodes of the Office online. The episodes are usually online within 24 hours of them airing on TV. We do this, and the full screen is visible.

Thanks! I did a lot of this last year when they began the online viewings. It lost its favor with me for some reason. I guess I should save space on my DVR and record something else, but I guess I will have to give-in eventually and buy something. Oh well, thanks for the heads up!

That doesn’t have anything to do with having HD TV. Probably what you are seeing is that many shows and movies on TV are going to Widescreen views. So if you do end up buying a new TV get a widescreen one before you get an HD one. :slight_smile:

Well most HD TV’s I have seen are all widescreen for the most part and most explanations of the ratio aspect of the screens are and have been intertwined for some time so I thought it was understood. I still remember Leno being the first to use it on his show while showcasing the great resolution and poking fun at the fact that the cameramen didn’t have to pan to the band because they could now fit the edge of the shot.

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