Anyone Else Playing Rift: The Planes of Telara?

Is anyone else playing this? The seventh, and final and open, beta is starting on February 15th. The release date will be March 1st. I would love to find/form a Catholic guild if others are playing. Thanks in advance.

I hadn’t heard of it, but it looks interesting. I assume you’d be playing Guardians faction?

Oh, and PvP or PvE?

I’d considered this but I have yet to find an MMO that grabs me the way FFXI and WoW did and I’ve tried every major one since WoW relese. Would you mind telling a bit about it? I’ve heard it’s a lot like Aion which I was on the beta for and tried but it got wayyyy to grindy.

Thanks for the responses. First, I would probably play Guardian, but Defiant really isn’t much different. So it really doesn’t matter (to me). Confrontations are uncomfortable for me so I always play PvE.

In answer to the “tell me some things about it”, there seem to be three major differences from games I’ve previously played (EQ, EQ2, WoW, etc.) The first is the company, Trion. Unlike other developers I’ve encountered, they seem to genuinely appreciate their customers and the product looks well thought out and “finished”.

The second major difference is the class system. There are only four of them, Warrior, Cleric, Rogue, and Wizard. Each character has one of the classes, but within each class there are three sets of characteristics, called souls. I know, I don’t like the “soul” thing either. The player might decide to be a rogue and have the powers of hunter, assassin, and saboteur souls. Another rogue might have ranger, night blade and rift stalker souls, creating a very different rogue. Three souls may be active at a time (out of something like eight or ten total). One is selected at the start and simple low level quests provide the next two. Additional ones can be acquired at higher levels.

The third major difference is the “rift” system. Telara (the world) is at the intersection of several different planes. Invasions from other planes are routine and have to be fought off. The invasions begin at low levels. Players congregate at the invasion points and join into a public raid group. Rewards from participating are a second kind of “currency” and planar shards. (Don’t take my description too seriously, the planar stuff is really on the edge of my knowledge!)

OK, so it seems to be a great game, at least for me. There is lots more information at the site ( and the wiki ( If you play the beta or buy the game, post something here and maybe we can at least be on the same server. :slight_smile:

Grrrr surf control at work keeps me from looking at any sites pertaining to video games. I’ll have to check it out when I get home. Been looking for an MMO to get into and keep resisting going back to WoW lol.

Good, good, we are on the same page :slight_smile: I hate PvP!

I was an EQer, also. Tried EQ2, didn’t care for it at all; it was like a whole different world, really :frowning:

My last question (I think ;)) is: will this guild be geared for older and/or casual gamers? I have no interest in a ‘raiding’ type guild, where you’re expected to be online every day, almost like having a second job. :rolleyes: I’m looking for something that would allow me to drop in whenever, more about having FUN with friends … not hardcore, power-gaming type stuff.

Please let me know, and thank you :slight_smile:

Actually, I’m just proposing a guild. As a member I would prefer a casual, fun type of play. I don’t even know what a gear rating is and I don’t think I’ve even been in a raid except for the public ones in Rift! As for older, well lets just say I fully qualify there!

Ha … me too :slight_smile:

Ok, I think I’m in :slight_smile: Let me know which server for tomorrow.

I remember seeing TV commercials for this and thinking it looked really cool. Then I found out it was an MMO and was sad.

Seeing as how I can’t help but try almost every MMO that comes out I’ll probably look into this as well when it launches. Hopefully this one will actually maintain my interest :slight_smile:

I watched a video and it looks similar to WoW which can only lead me to hope they’ve “ripped off” the good parts of it while still making it it’s own game.

oh!!! I just realized that TODAY is the 15th… do you have to do anything special to get into the open beta or just download the client?

You have to register for a Trion account (easy), and then they immediately email you the Beta invitation, which has a link to download the client.

A far as server choice, I found an interesting thread on the RIFT forums:

The Unofficial Old School Server

If you are reading this post then perhaps you’re like me and miss the good old days of a friendly server community where conversation was welcome and mutual respect was always given. You long for a time when the ninja looter wasn’t heralded as a hero and the never ending racism didn’t drive you out of general chat. And most of all you always reminisce about the atmosphere you experienced on your particular server, for the people there were usually kind and everyone was an acquaintance to some degree. If any of this is ringing any bells then hear me out a moment while I propose something intriguing.

Whether it was in UO, EQ1, DAoC and many of the other earlier MMO’s, I remember logging in daily to the kind of server community I mentioned above. Nevertheless, with the explosion of popularity for MMO’s and the lack of code of conduct enforcement by both the players and the GM’s you’ll be hard pressed to find such a server anywhere today.

As such, I propose that in Rift: Planes of Telara we create the Old School Server as a way to regain what we’ve lost and longed for.

The names might change at launch when the re-shuffle server names and types, but for now, here it is.

For information and clarification purposes for those that don’t know and don’t want to read the entire thread. the following servers are the current consensus for English speaking people in the NA region.

Primary Server: Faeblight (PvERP) Sunrest (PvPRP)

Secondary Server: Shadefallen (PvERP) Harrow (PvPRP)

Ramalama is the organizer of the Catholic guild, so we should wait for his input, but I thought I would share this since it sounds like something we might be interested in … see what you guys think :slight_smile:

Rama, I am not trying to steal your thunder, I just wanted to share :slight_smile: Let us know what you think! :slight_smile:

Cool thanks! Any idea off hand how long it takes to download the client?

I try not to have thunder. As they say, I am but a sheep. I will create a Faeblight character named Zalabek (a wizard) on the Guardian side. I’ll see you all in the game. BTW, the download, when the Trion servers weren’t busy took about ten hours.

TEN! :eek:

Well I certainly won’t be playing today then lol.

Thanks again for the info though :thumbsup:

Zalabek lives!

That’s OK. I first met Zalabek in EQ1. We’ve become old friends. He’s very patiently waiting for you in a place called Valor Hold. I’ll see you there.

I looked for you online around 8:00 PST to 10:30 PST, didn’t see you … I’ll try again tomorrow probably :slight_smile:

Download and installation only took about 2 hours last night… unfortunately didn’t get finished until just before I was going to bed so only logged in long enough to take a peak and so far I’m impressed and worried.

I’m impressed at how smooth it’s running in beta and I love the apparent depth to the soul system…

I’m terrified it won’t do well because on the surface it does look like just another WoW clone.

But, no plans tonight so I’ll be logging in for probably most of the evening tonight :thumbsup:

Good, I’ll look for you sometime after 6:00 cst. What’s your character’s name?

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