Anyone else received this DVD on Obama in the mail?

A funny thing happened on the way to the mailbox today…

Inside was THIS - DVD.

I did not order it, have no idea who is paying to send it out…and no idea if it is even worth watching as I am not at all familiar with the producer/director…

Anyway - I’m curious if anyone else has received it and/or seen it and can offer opinion on it and or the people who produced it…

I’m already not voting for Obama…so I’m pretty ambivalent about watching it…


No return mailing info? That is weird.

Is there a postmark?

Could someone have dropped it off or are you sure it came in the mail?

I’ve seen an ad on TV on the DVD but know nothering about it.

I got it. Figures I live in MD, and he sends me a PAL version. Still better than the LaserDisc he sent me in 2008.

I suppose it must be better than getting THIS DVD instead. :stuck_out_tongue:

That is odd. If it didn’t have any postage or return address, perhaps it is some campaign strategy of the local Republicans to disseminate information they believe will be unflattering to Obama and will encourage people not to vote for him. Maybe volunteers just made the rounds and put it in people’s mailboxes (even though they’re not really supposed to do that).

If it came in the mail, I cannot imagine how they’d get away with leaving off some sort of return address that would allow you to identify the sender.
“Media bypass: ‘Dreams’ mailed to 1 million: Crucial swing state targeted with ‘true story’ of Obama’s radical origins”

Well, I guess that answers it.

Voters may want to look at for a fresh view from Tyrone regarding being born and raised in a liberal experiment gone wrong in Baltimore. And Americans want more of this government dependence? VOTE FOR ROMNEY!

Oh good grief: Does this kind of tactic remind anyone of the movie about Islam that set off the firestorm in the middle east? Thank heaven that most American have access to other forms of information.

Had to chuckle at a Romney speech where he was bashing Obama for taking"big" contributions from the education professional organization. Conveniently forgot all the contributions his campaign is getting from all the newly franchised “persons” listed at corporations to the tune of megabuck.

It is the silly season folks. :D:popcorn:

Yes there was a return address but it made no sense to me…DFMRF,LLC and an address in Thousand Oaks CA. :shrug:
And this time of year (election season) who knows WHAT you might get in the mail or from who…

Thanks for the link. That answers the question for sure. Now - do I want to waste 90 minutes watching it???


I didn’t get no DVD :frowning:

not a news article

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