Anyone else thing Apple is an evil company?

I just thought that the computer company, Apple could be kinda sinister.
Well the apple (with the one bite) could represent how Adam and Eve ate the apple causing original sin.
AND the first apple computer was sold for the price of $666.66,

Idk…are they evil? What do you think. I wana know.

It could, however it doesn’t seem likely. Here is the newspaper ad for the Apple-1, and as you can see the logo was originally of Isaac Newton sitting under an apple tree. The decision was made to simplify the logo by just using an apple, but because it looked too much like a cherry the artist added a bite.

This is the 1976 newspaper ad for the Apple-1. Its a bit hard to see, but the logo for the company was Isaac Newton sitting under an apple tree. A year later, when Jobs and Wozniak decided sell the Apple II as a full computer to the general public (the Apple-1 was a partial kit sold to hobbyists) they decided to simplify the logo and chose an apple. Because the apple looked too much like a cherry, the artist added the bite.

As for the price of the Apple-1, I don’t see anything sinister about it, unless the Beast of Revelations stutters. :wink:

Actually, from what I’ve read, Genesis just mentions a ‘fruit,’ and given the location of Eden (Tigris and Euphrates), it probably was a relative to the pomegranate (which has been considered an evil fruit for eons in various mediterranean religions). The apple was probably adopted when Christianity came to be a more European religion because apples are far more common in Europe than pomegranates (except for the far southern regions of Europe).

As for price, I like what Dale_M says. The number of the beast (which actually probably referred on the surface to Nero) is 666, not 66666. What IS sinister is whenever my mom goes into Burger King, the cost ends with $6.66. That is sinister!

Apple’s made the recent mistake of becoming too political. I like a Mac product, they are user-friendly and simple to use. I am not a technological wizard, so the simplicity is nice - I can never figure out how to use a PC correctly. I have an iPod (which I can never find) and a MacBook (which I take everywhere, me being a university student and all).

Please remember: we are not ancient Romans - we do not need to watch out for an omen some god is angry at us everywhere. (although it is rather fun pretending melodramatically)

I guess I’m in trouble: I drink a glass of Pomegranate juice every morning. Supposed to be full of antioxidants and other beneficial stuff.

But seriously, folks, Apple’s UNIX-based operating system is an order of magnitude better than Microsoft Windows … after the rumors that DOS was ripped off from CPM.

And apparently both “borrowed heavily” from the old Xerox computer.



what do I think? a lot of people have very vivid imaginations

As for price, I like what Dale_M says. The number of the beast (which actually probably referred on the surface to Nero) is 666, not 66666. What IS sinister is whenever my mom goes into Burger King, the cost ends with $6.66. That is sinister!

Just my :twocents: but I think too many people get their heads wrapped around the number 666 despite its biblical significance which I believe is much more profound than the mere literal sense.

People get freaked out over the number 666 to a point that I think becomes superstitious.
Why get all disconcerted over a bloody fragrant number in numerology.:confused:


The “sinister”-ness I was referring to was my mother’s reaction (some indication might have been useful, no?). I just find it funny. But, I understand.

In my experience, it is superstition, especially in the denomination I was raised in (Southern Baptist).

But at the same time, I think I understand the reasoning: in those who hold this particular superstition, it isn’t just any number, it is the number of the BEAST! (never-mind who the “beast” is in context).

However, taking the number 666 as meaning something absolutely horrible (it was horrible, but not as horrible as it could be) on the surface level denies the foundation in physical history. Without that physical foundation, the spiritual connotations of the symbolism of the Apocalypse (or Revelation - why does the Latin use the Greek name and the vulgar languages use the Latin name?) make little coherent sense. You need the symbolism of Nero for the symbolism of the Enemy to make sense and have a greater impact. You need the symbolism of astronomy before the Coronation will make sense. St. John wasn’t just a message-bearer in any of his works, he was an artist, and his literature needs to be treated as art, not news.


Sounds like a little more study of the Bible is in order here. 666 just represents or is symbolic of man, not specifically “anti-Christ”; you have believed the old-adage. Many believe in the “old-adage” that “God loves the sinner, but hates the sin.” That is true to one extent, but not in the context to which it is used. God hates sinners as the Scriptures tell us many times. One glaring example is “Jacob I loved and Esau I hated” or the total annihilation of Sodom and Gomorrah and the impending destruction of the world and all of its sinner by fire and the near total destruction of the earth and all it contains in the flood…

Obviously it’s not some evil omen, and we could go on and on with deep exegesis of Genesis and Revelation to prove that. :wink:

However, perhaps the OP is simply concerned with Apple’s motivation. Even though Genesis doesn’t mention “apple” and 666 can be interpreted different ways, most people have the associations that the OP mentions. Thus, Jobs could have been trying to be sinister in his choice of logo and price point. I doubt he was doing that with the logo, but it is a curious price point.

In any case, even if he was trying to be “provocative” with those things, that doesn’t make Apple an evil company. iTunes makes Apple and evil company. :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

The “sinister-ness” is only an issue if you are also left-handed.

Saying that using an apple as your logo represents original sin?
That sounds like the obnoxious kids I had to go to school with when I was young.
Them: What’s your favorite animal?
Myself: I like wild dogs, snakes, cats, hamsters…
Myself: Whyyyy?

(That’s a true story, folks. True story.)

No, seriously. Apple? So, what is it sinful to eat apples in general now? That what we’re trying to say? The apple is now, most definitely, always symbolic of that?
And besides, as someone pointed out, it probably waaas a pomegranate or something.
Pomegranates are tasty. :'D

Well, are snakes always symbolic of that? I mean, I could see if the logo stuck an apple and snake together, but for goodness sake!

You people think too much, you look for the bad in everything. :rolleyes:
As for the price of 666.66? Why? Why do we care? Goodness sake!

Well said. :thumbsup:

According to some sites, the beast has been “devalued” from 666 to 616.

That said, here are some more beastly numbers.

Yes, I do think Apple is an evil company! My Ipod tells me to abort babies all the time!

I always thought it was supposed to be a take on “An apple for the teacher” since most of the original programming languages for it were oriented around creating educational software.

I think they were originally intended to be used in schools, just as IBM computers were supposed to be business computers.

Apple users sometimes seem like followers of some computer religion with Steve Jobs as their prophet… other than that I don’t know if they are evil.

:smiley: I apologize. When I read this, I literally burst into laughter!

Well, hey - the confusion is understandable, considering that the operating system includes icons, and forgiveness. :stuck_out_tongue:

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