Anyone else thinking of completely doing away with TV when they all become digital?

The big advertisements on television right now is that if you don’t have a digital television by February 2009, you will lose your signal unless you get a converter box. They tempt you of course with a rebate to offset the cost of a converter, but then again, there aren’t too many shows on television worth watching these days anyway so I might just let the television watching go extinct effective February 2009.

The kids (all under age ten) go to bed by 7:30pm anyway so they aren’t used to watching TV later in the evening (nothing morally acceptable on at that time anyway - we don’t have cable so we don’t have family friendly shows to chose from).

I got added confirmation of my thoughts on this the other day. I was watching the national news and during a commercial advertising 20/20 for later than evening, they had a promo to see what people’s reactions would be to same-sex couples kissing in the park. My young daughter saw the promo and gave a strange look on her face when she saw two women kissing on a park bench. 5:30pm is too late for watching TV as well apparently. :mad:

There really isn’t much worth watching on television anymore. My wife and I can rent videos that are appropriate for movie time for the kids. The whole television culture has gotten too far out of hand.

Does anyone agree?

(This decision of course is pending spousal mutual agreement :wink: )

No. As long as there are sports on tv, and they are presented in HD, I will have a tv.

We haven’t had access to any type of tv, local or cable due to campus housing.

But I will always have a tv for movies and videogaming.

Is that enough of a compromise? :cool:

I have a good 32 inch Sony TV that I plan to keep for a long time. :smiley: I don’t watch much TV, and there is no reason to buy a flat one. It costs so much.

We are going to buy one converter box and keep it in the closet in case there is some big news event. Otherwise we will just watch videos/dvds.

I agree with you about the commercials. My dd likes to watch Extreme makeover Home Edition, but they constantly run promos for more adult shows during it.

That seems reasonable to me. We can control what movies or video games come into our household. We are more limited to what comes over the airwaves (or should I say comes over the digital waves).

I’m more concerned for what our youngins are watching, but of course, the junk on TV these days isn’t healthy for my soul or my spouse’s soul either.

I just wish there were more quality programs on television.

[quote=thomasf]No. As long as there are sports on tv, and they are presented in HD, I will have a tv.

Yes - sports are awesome to watch on TV. But now that Favre has retired, I’m not all that motivated for the upcoming football season. :wink:

[quote=maternus]We are going to buy one converter box and keep it in the closet in case there is some big news event.

I’ve thought about that aspect. We have the internet at home and stay up to date on the big events via that resource.


Lots of good stuff on tv…but some not so good. I monitor what I watch :shrug:

Hello! My husband and I did away with TV about 2 years ago. At first, it wasn’t a wanted decision (we didn’t have the money to keep it), but now, it’s totally a concious decision. We rent (or buy) movies about once a month and other than that, we listen to the radio or get onto the computer. About the only thing we have missed is the weather channel and Speed TV for his racing LOL. BUT, we get on the computer or if absolutely urgent (as in the case of bad weather) we go to my inlaws who live just up the hill. It honestly has been wonderful. We have learned the value of “family time” again, I remembered how awful I was at board games :rolleyes:, we have planted a garden and are maintaining it, etc. It really has been great. Oh, one other benefit is I can do a Bible Study with my family and no distractions and NO COMMERCIALS :slight_smile: Best of luck with your decision, I say try it, you may like it.

Well, if either of us becomes interested in a series (I love House and CSI Miami; it’s my junk food lol) then we can just buy/rent the dvds.

I like this set up because it takes away that tendency to surf through channels endlessly or just continue to watch whatever is on next. Now we simply plan to watch a movie and then we are done with it.

Of course, I really love Gears of War…but we don’t have internet.

Ugh, I can’t wait until we move!

I mean no disrespect…but were you that distracted by it?
I certainly understand folks not watching certain shows…but I wouldn’t give it up totaly…I’m just trying to understand:confused:


I don’t bother watching TV anymore, unless I’m really bored out of my mind (extremely rare, since the computer’s usually free now that my older siblings have moved out and/or bought their own computers). We get 4 channels. 3 English, one French. In my opinion, the news is depressing and the ads are disgusting. The shows… vary, but I find it somewhat disturbing how some people schedule their time around their favourite TV shows, which come on two or three times a week, and are mostly reruns. So I just don’t watch them at all.

However, I would hope Mom and Dad won’t get rid of the TV. I still enjoy watching DVDs and playing PS2.

Btw, does this TV expiring thing even apply here in Canada? First I’ve heard about it. But then again, I don’t watch TV… :stuck_out_tongue:

I agree that digital TV has the advantage that we can control what we watch…the problem is finding programs worthwhile to watch :rolleyes:

Frankly there is too much of a faddish sanctimoniousness about not watching TV these days. In fact, it was even spoofed at the Stuff White People Like blog:

#28 Not having a TV

The number one reason why white people like not having a TV is so that they can tell you that they don’t have a TV.

On those lonely nights when white people wish they could be watching American Idol, Lost, or Grey’s Anatomy, they comfort themselves by thinking of how when people talk about the show tomorrow they can say “I didn’t see it, I don’t have a TV. That stuff rots your brain.”

It is effective in making other white people feel bad, and making themselves feel good about their life and life choices.

Though these people often fill their time by talking with other friends who don’t watch TV about how they don’t watch TV, looking at leaves, cooking, reading books about left wing politics, and going to concerts/protests/poetry slams.

Generally this makes them very boring and gives you very little to talk to them about. It’s important that you NEVER suggest they are making a mistake or that there is a value to owning a TV. You should just try to steer the conversation to allow them to talk about how they are better than you.

The whole we MUST get the converter box to watch TV has me really ticked off. Since when does the government have a say on what kind of TV we have in our house. And if we have to go out and buy a $400.00 + TV to be able to watch all of the **** they force feed us so that we can think like each other than no I will not buy a TV.

As a family we haven’t had cable in over two years and that was the best thing we could of done. We still have our regular old TV and we have Netflex so that I can monitor what we see, but as far as I am concerned I will not get the box if anything to just defy what ‘they’ are saying we MUST have.

Sorry I am now off my soap box.:o

I have to say I don’t know. It’s not that I’m addicted or anything, I rarely turn on the TV, even when I’m bored, but there are times when I simply need to watch the TV. Considering it quite often happens that snow days are possible during the winter, it’s much easier to just turn the TV on to news and watch the school closings ticker. Other than that, if there’s a show worth watching (Heroes, but only maybe) I can just borrow the seasons from a friend. I’ll have to see.

I all ready have the coupons for 2 convertor boxes. (And only one TV, but:shrug: they give them out in pairs).
I have until the middle of June to decide whether to bother. I probably will get one, & pass the other one on to someone who didn’t get the coupon…My understanding is, that they will all but pay for the whole thing.
If I had to get another TV…I wouldn’t bother. I have an ancient 20" one upstairs in the back bedroom, that could be brought down to watch movies with. (VHS; I have resisted the DVD revolution, and hope to continue to do so).
Truthfully? Since I got a computer, TV looks more & more boring. I’d rather go online…or just play computer games. (But then I’d miss all that :rolleyes: sterling entertainment, like “Dead Bodies: Switzerland”!!, “Apprentice to the Parisian Medical Examiner”!!and “Autopsies of the Stars”!!!).

I’ve thought a couple of times about giving up broadcast television when they make the switch to digital, but I don’t want to give up watching NFL football (it’s just not the same on the radio).

On a side note, does anyone else get disgusted by the commercials that they show on CBS during NFL games? It’s 2:00 pm on a sunday afternoon and I have to change the channel so that my daughter doesn’t see the smut and violence they have planned for this week’s csi and criminal minds.

Don’t get off the soapbox, you might be right. I’ve been wondering if this is an economic ploy–gotta spend that rebate on something.

I stopped watching television years ago, and my parents finally got rid of cable. It’s funny how I don’t sit down to watch TV, but I remember the commercials.

I do like to watch anime series on Veoh or YouTube, but my mainstay are video games, which is the only thing that TV is useful for.

Well, at least here in the Midwest there isn’t many people talking about not owning a TV. We’ve just finished a looooong winter, and those considering doing away with a TV around here are more likely seen as insane with all the inside time we encounter here.

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