Anyone else watch The Bonnie Hunt Show?

Bonnie Hunt, the actress maybe best know as the sister of Jerry McGuire’s love interest, has a new talk show on NBC and it is great! It’s been going on for about a month now and is very family friendly. She’s from a large Catholic family and has mentioned several times on the show that she is Catholic. One of her guests, a young man whose name I have forgotten, was chatting with her about raising a family in Hollywood and, he too is Catholic. For some reason, she was talking about Catholic guilt and he related with some stories and then said that it was so good to talk to someone who knew exactly where he was coming from. It was great to see two Catholics talking on television about being Catholic and doing so in a positive manner. If you get a chance, look up the show schedule and watch. She’s got a great sense of humor!

I love her! She wrote, directed and acted in “Return to Me”, which is one of my favorite movies.

She also had a show a while back - her character had more kids than most TV shows and a crucifix in her bedroom!

I saw the TV sitcom show. I knew it was different when, during a Christmas ep., a stray neighborhood kid showed up at their house and mom (bonnie) and dad exchanged a knowing glance and instantly included him like it was the most natural thing in the world. No snarky comments or questions about his home or acting like it was a big deal or real heroic like other shows. It was a sweet moment.

Just FYI, she’s Catholic but I’ve heard she’s said some different things about the Church. Don’t want you to get blindsided if she sells out again.

Mine and my 16 yr old dd’s all time fav movie!!

And Bonnie Hunt is our fav actress. Ive seen her show too. She is just the funniest thing ever!!


yeah shes not on NBC where im from…UPN i think

She’s talented, bright and entertaining, but keep your moral filter defenses up. My impression is that she is more Fr. Richard McBrien catholic than John Paul II catholic…

I watched her for the first time the other day because she had David Archuleta on. I found her to be quite enjoyable.

I don’t judge people that way and my moral fiber is based on my personal relationship with the Lord, can’t be swayed. I used to watch Ellen and I didn’t turn into a lesbian! I have a brain and free will! I don’t even know who Fr. Richard McBrien is, but I won’t judge her based on what someone else is like!

She is actually known around town as a VERY DIFFICULT person to work with. That’s LA for you though.

Anyway DH – well through DH – I was invited to be on her Veterans Day show, or even in her audience. I passed it up. (I’m a Navy Wife)

I don’t know what to think really, I don’t watch talk shows. :shrug:

DH also entered me in to win the book by Maureen McCormick about being Marsha Brady through that show’s website. LOL

I like her show alot. She is refreshingly “normal” - or so she seems.

It’s not a matter of judging persons, it is a matter of influence. If you believe what you watch has no effect on how you think, then I suppose you think advertisers are fools for wasting millions of dollars every year as well. A sitcom producer in the 1970’s was once interviewed about his line of work and how he saw meaning in it. He said something to the effect of “If I can make America laugh at what it believes, I can make America CHANGE what it believes…” That’s rare honestly in Hollywood.

If you honestly think you can’t be swayed, you are already in mortal peril. We can ALL be swayed and need to be vigilant about who and what influences our thinking. This doesn’t mean you don’t watch TV and/or Hunt’s show. It just means keeping one’s guard up and mentally picking out the sheep ideas from the goat ideas.

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