Anyone else watching "Dietland"?


Language and content can be pretty rough but it deals with important issues relating to expectations and vulnerability of women.


Never heard of it. Is it on Netflix? HBO?


I think AMC. The main character is an overweight woman who gets involved with a feminists group that goes terrorist. Being a thin male, hearing things from her perspective has helped me.


Has helped you becoming a feminist or a terrorist? :grinning:

J u s t

j o k i n g!


Hah! Helped me to see what a brute I have been.

Instead of watching let me recap:

The premis is that society has been male dominated and forced expectations on women to be passive and beautiful. If they do not fit into that expectation they are not respected. Even if they do fit, they are then vulnerable to abuse. But overweight women, at least the man in character in this, go through life with insults. Meanwhile, the pressure is always on for others to be slim and beautiful.


So this secret terrorist group called “Jenifer” starts murdering guys. It is still unclear if the main character even knows she is on the fringe of this group.


Interesting premise. I don’t get cable so I don’t get AMC unfortunately.
So the members of the group are all overweight?


We have not seen them yet. But there are these two other women who might be linked with them and they are not overweight. I it is based on a book.

Might be better just to read some reviews there.


I thought it might be based on a book.
I think I might have seen the book at the bookstore.


Why would any woman need to watch a fictional TV show to know that this goes on? Women learn this in person by about age 10.


But oafs like me dont have a clue.


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