Anyone Enjoy Rollerblading?

It’s a favorite hobby of mine, though I’m still a beginner! Skating backwards is still tricky for me lol. I also made a meme:

Rollerblading, it’s so 80’s… :unamused:

Hey, 80’s stuff is back nowadays! /joking

I don’t get the meme. :woozy_face:

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It’s Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, with all the levels replaced by an image of a pair of Impala skates, implying that having those qualifies as a basic, psychological, and self-fulfillment need

I put on my son’s blades once when I was visiting him in Germany. Went up to the end of the apartment parking lot and back, and said, “Okay, I’ve roller-bladed. That’s enough for me.”


When I was a child, yes. As an adult, uhh, I fall down enough as it is.

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On boy! Did you just unlock decades and decades of roller skating memories starting with all metal clamp on skates from the 50’s. They were teeth jarring and shoe damaging that often would come loose as you were skating on the sidewalk. I loved it in spite of the bruises and scrapes that accumulated on me.
Then came lace up boot style roller skates with wooden wheels that were rented from indoor roller rinks. Our parents would drive groups of us kids to the next town where the rink was located and drop us off then four hours later pick us up. Cheap babysitting! It was safe good clean fun. As a teenager I recall doing rink laps listening to organ music like Moonlight and Roses. That was usually the song reserved for a couples only skate. The skates still were boots but the wheels had improved to make skating a smoother more maneuverable ride. Yes I could skate backwards! Sometime in early 70’s my husband knowing my passion for skating gifted me with my own white boot style roller skates. The wheels for all of the above were quad style. The late '80s was the first time I was introduced to inline skating as Rollerblades. My brother and I rented some and thanks to the paved jogging trails in Boulder where he lived, we toured miles of the city. By the '90s my daughter often accompanied me for indoors and outdoors roller skating excursions. She had her own in line skates. I’d love to be able to roller skate again but I think at my age reminiscing is the more prudent thing to do. Thanks for the opportunity to do so and I hope that it hasn’t bored you. For me your Maslow’s chart rings true. Below is a picture of metal clamp on skates. Would probably be considered child abuse nowadays!
th (1)_1

I still have my skates! And somewhere, the elusive skate key!

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I forgot all about the skate key @Irishmom2!! I wore mine around my neck on a shoelace when out skating. Those old metal skates of mine are long gone but I do have the white leather boot style roller skates that my husband bought for me. My daughter’s in line skates are along side of them. Remember the song by Melanie about that roller skate key?

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Yes, of course! It was weird, but memorable! :joy:

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